Little People, Big World: Baby J’s Walking – See Tori Roloff’s Video from Portland Airport.

Little People, Big World fans heard the news – Baby J is walking. Tori Roloff shared videos. Watch them below. Now that little baby Jackson Roloff is walking, he seems set on conquering the world. Tori Roloff’s latest Story shows Zach Roloff and their cute little guy at Portland International Airport. Curiously, dad Zach sure looked like he was being taken for a walk by Baby J.

Fans have been waiting to see video of Baby J because excited Tori Roloff mentioned baby Jackson walking. Excitedly, Tori Roloff posted up the milestone video of Baby Jackson waking across the room and captioned it, “So in case no one told you guys, Baby J is walking.”

Little People, Big World – Baby J Goes to The Wrong Departure Gate

Zach Roloff also posted on Instagram Stories as Baby J explored around the Portland Airport. The little cutie made for the wrong airport departure gate, so Zach filmed it all. He used that caption for his short Story. It certainly looked like Baby Jackson wanted to get to the planes.

Watch the Video of Baby J Walking ==> View It Here

These are moments that Little People, Big World watchers cherish because they are so special. The video by Zach Roloff showed Baby Jackson dressed in his snazzy striped outfit and little white sneakers. Baby Jacson was peering over the ledge at the big airport world outside the departure lounge.

Tori Roloff showed Baby Jackson and Zach Roloff on the walkway

Tori Roloff posted up a video of Baby Jackson and his dad on the walkway. Zach Roloff held onto Baby Jackson, and they both looked like they were having a blast on the facility. There seems to be no stopping the joy of sharing the life of their baby boy. It looks like little Jackson is setting out to conquer the big world with confidence.

The next part of Tori Roloff’s Instagram Story showed Jackson was getting quite nifty on his short legs. Carefully, dad Zach was walking behind Baby J as he explored the chairs and the big carpet area. Dad was in tow to look out for him. Fans think it’s too cute the way baby J walks with his arms out so he can get his balance just right.

Jackson on a mission to walk the pavements at Portland Airport

The next part of the story by the Little People, Big World reality TV parents, showed Jackson outside on the pavement. Of note, is that he walked with admirable determination. Consequently, he was off on his own mission, not waiting for dad Zach to hover over him. In fact, he seemed to want to go his own way, although, not that long ago, Baby Jackson was such a little baby boy.

What do you think of Baby J walking so confidently, so quickly in such a short time? Do you think Zach and Tory Roloff will be able to keep up with the active guy in days to come? Jackson Roloff, actually, looks like he is going to be into everything. It looks like soon, his new best friend Murphy the puppy will actually be able to play tag with Baby J.

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