Matt Gets Fan-Love After Posting Cute Video With Baby Jackson Roloff

Matt Roloff is sure getting a lot of love on a baby Jackson post he made on his Instagram. It looks like this weekend, baby Jackson Roloff ate a meal with grandpa. There are so many happy faces and hearts on Matt’s Instagram now because it was so cute. Jackson is a real little sweetheart and it’s clear he gets along just fine with his grandfather.

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‘Mac n cheese food train’ with baby Jackson enjoying sound effects

The post by Matt was simply captioned, “Mac n cheese food train.” The video started off showing Zach and Tori Roloff’s little boy, Jackson, in a blue T-shirt. The cute little guy was sitting in a chair and looking at his famous grandpa from the reality show Little People, Big World. Once the video started, it was easy to see why it had nearly 110 thousand views in around eight hours. And, nearly every comment had smiley heart-face emojis.

Matt looked happy, relaxed, and smiling as he started to feed Jackson Roloff his meal. The video was funny because Matt was making sounds to get his grandson’s attention. “nyanyanyanyane,” he chanted while holding out a spoon of food. Subsequently, he came in with what sounded like, “romomomomo.” Each time he did that, the baby took some food off the spoon. It’s no wonder that Matt was able to write and produce his new book for children, as he certainly showed how he loves them.

Fans loved the sounds that Matt Roloff made in the video for Jackson

Grandpa Roloff captioned the video with the word “train,” but it sometimes sounded like a tractor. Fans loved the sounds. Many of them commented about them. One fan of Matt Roloff posted, “I like all the sound effects! Haha sounds almost like a tractor.” Yet another fan wrote, “So cute. Love the sound effects Matt. You are a fun Grandpa.” Another user thought Matt was lucky that Baby Jackson was falling for the “food train,” as their grandchild wouldn’t.

Mostly, people just adored little Baby Jackson Roloff and the way Matt bonds with his grandson. It is so obvious that there’s a lot of love going on. Definitely, it’s hard not to get a soppy feeling. At one stage, Matt picked up a drink for Jackson, and even though he had to wait until the baby stopped chewing, people loved that too. User, parson_lura posted, “??✝️?You are just the Greatest Grandpa EVER #mattroloff!! ?. And Jackson is getting bigger by the second ??, goodness gracious! GRANDPA KNOWS when baby Jackson is ready for a drink!!! ??

Some Jackson Roloff fans couldn’t get enough of the video.

A few of the fans who watched the video said they had watched it multiple times because of the cute factor. “So Freakin’ Adorable.. Awesome Grandpa Right There..” was one comment. And, another one that was full of love for Matt was, “OMG baby J is so adorable love those blue eyes you are one awesome grandpa love the bond use have❤?.”

The video of baby Jackson Roloff that Matt posted on his Instagram was very popular. In the time it took to write this article, there were a further 5,400 views! The Roloff family are likely to get a lot of interest in them as the new season of Little People, Big World approaches. In Touch Weekly wrote last week, that Amy said, “Season 14  is being filmed right now and will air late this season or spring.”

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