‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Delays Move into New House Due to Small Problems?

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff had fiance Chris Marek wearing two hats recently as she’s decided to make the big push off the farm. Despite the major change in the Little People, Big World matriarch’s life, she didn’t go too far. It seems Amy purchased a new home just a stone’s throw away from the Roloff Farm.

Today you can say that Matt Roloff literally bought the farm. He purchased Amy’s holdings the place that the Little People, Big World family calls home. But now Amy has a new place of her own just about 15 minutes away from the farm by car. Despite her pending marriage to Chris Marek, this house belongs to only one person. That’s none other than Amy Roloff herself.

Little People Big World: Amy Roloff - Chris Marek

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff Buys New Home

It appears Chris Marek, the man Amy recently became engaged to, had a hand in the house purchase. He put on his real estate agent hat while she looked for a new home. So during the last few months, it looks like Chris not only filled the role of Amy’s love interest, but he did double duty as her agent as well.

The house sits on 0.16 acres of land in Hillsboro, Oregon. While the dwelling is mammoth, the property is tiny compared to the 35-acre farm. Amy gives up a lot of sprawling acreage in this move. Plus, she’s leaving the home that the Little People, Big World bunch called home for years.

The famous mom has 3,767 square feet of room in her new house to ramble around in. The price ticket for this her very own Little People, Big World home of her own – $588,500. From what reports indicate, Amy Roloff closed on the property back on September 27.

The five-bedroom, four-bathroom house offers plenty of room for any of the kids or grandchildren to visit. The neighborhood where the dwelling sits, described as  “quaint suburban,” keeps Amy close by to the area she’s well acquainted with.

But it also keeps her close to her new neighbors as well. Amy Roloff probably needs some time to feel comfortable with the proximity of her new neighbors. The farm awarded her lots of land between the nearest neighboring homes.

Size Does Count for Counter Tops

Amy Roloff purchased her new house in September but she delayed the move for a few months. She wasn’t planning to relocate until sometime in November. It seems the Little People, Big World new homeowner has a house all set up for big people in this big world.

So it sounds as if some alterations need to happen. Like remodeling to bring things down to a comfortable size for the new homeowner. This way Amy can navigate through her new abode without too many roadblocks.

The Little People, Big World mother stands only 4-feet-2-inches tall. That’s more than a foot shorter than the average adult American woman stands, according to documented statistics.

The average size for an American adult woman is 5-foot-3.5 inches. For a man, the average size in this country is 5-foot-9. So the kitchen counters, the bathroom sinks, along with many other things people take for granted might be too tall for her.

All kinds of dwellings from homes to businesses normally call for builders to accommodate an average size person. Builders design homes with certain specs in mind, right down to the height of the toilets in the house. So buildings traditionally fit average-size adults.

Little People, Big World: Will Chris Marek Move-In Too?

It sounds as if some adjustments need to happen before Amy Roloff moves in lock, stock, and barrel. That could be the reason that she closed on the house in September but didn’t set her sights on moving until November.

Maybe the span of time is used for remodeling the home to comfortably accommodate the Little Person Big World celebrity. So will Chris Marek move in with Amy?

According to reports, Amy did say she planned to live with Chris Marek before they walked down the aisle. But they didn’t say when they’ll move in together.

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