‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’ Spoilers: Lindsay Lohan Plays Mean Girl – Crushes New Employee’s Childhood Dream

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club spoilers reveals that Lindsay Lohan is somewhat of a mean girl, channeling Regina George, with a new employee. La Lohan hires Kailah Casillas as a new VIP ambassador. However, her time in Mykonos was nowhere near as fun as staying at summer camp.

There was definitely no Parent Trap moments. Kailah was brought in to possible replace other ambassadors. However, after an argument with boss Lindsay, Kailah Casillas may be the one that is replaced.

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club – A Strict Boss

The Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club star wants to forget about her past and build a name for herself that she is proud of. However, she is not forgetting her what she learned from the Mean Girls of her past. Then, her business partner Panos Spentzos admits that Lindsay is a very strict boss. Certainly, she likes things done a certain way and makes that clear.

Lindsay wants her employees to know that they are replaceable. She wants them to work hard and always be on their best behavior. The Parent Trap star has dealt with a lot in her past and because of that she does not tolerate any drama. At the end of the day, her VIP Ambassadors represent the Lohan name and her growing business empire.

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club Spoilers: Ambassador Kailah Casillas Not A Fan

Former star of MTV’s The Challenge, Kailah Casillas, joins the group in Mykonos as a VIP Ambassador. She is brought in mid-season to keep the other ambassadors on their toes. Kailah admits that she is there to stir the pot – and she’s done it. In the mid-season spoilers, she lets the other ambassadors know that she is here to take their jobs.

Kailah Casillas went into Mykonos as a huge fan of the Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club star. However, that quickly changed. So, she admits in an interview that she will not work for someone like her again. Because, in the mid-season spoilers, the new employee says she won’t let someone treat her poorly just because they were in Mean Girls.

Never Meet Your Idols…

Kailah Casillas reportedly admits that she grew up watching Lindsay Lohan in her favorite movies, Mean Girls and Parent Trap. She had no clue what to expect working for her. She didn’t know how she’d be as a boss. The Mean Girls alum has been someone Kailah has known about her whole life and now got the chance to work for her.

In the Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club spoilers, Kailah’s childhood dream turns into a nightmare. Because Lindsay and Kailah are shown arguing. Linds doesn’t like how her new hire speaks to her. But then, she cuts Kailah off and says “don’t speak over me, that’s disrespectful”.

Boss lady Lohan wants things her way. So, the new promo ends with Kailah Casillas in tears saying that her childhood dreams of Lindsay are dead. But, Kailah’s view on the Mean Girls star is not the only thing that is dead. Lohan fires someone, show the new spoilers! Will it be Kailah Casillas? Watch new episodes on MTV on Mondays to find out!

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