‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’ Spoilers: Brent Marks Fights With Kyle Marvé – Will Lindsay Send Them Home?

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club spoilers reveal that Brent Marks gets into a fight with Kyle Marvé. Brent has not been getting along with the other VIP ambassadors. However, Kyle has always been there for him as a friend. When Brent says unkind words to Kyle the friendship that they had is over. Kyle is tired of being the nice guy and confronts him. However, he does not use his words. Instead he uses a little violence. Lindsay Lohan has no tolerance for violence. Could this be the end for Brent Marks and Kyle Marvé in Mykonos?

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club Spoilers: Brent Marks Messes With Wrong VIP Ambassador

Beach Club spoilers have shown Brent Marks has been getting on the VIP ambassadors’ last nerve. He constantly acts like he is better than everyone else. Which doesn’t go down well with the others. It came to the point where no one wants to even deal with him anymore. Especially his ex-girlfriend and fellow VIP ambassador Sara Tariq. However, Kyle has always gave his fellow VIP ambassador the benefit of the doubt. He has always made the effort to be there for him.

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club spoilers indicate that Brent Marks calls Kyle Marvé a name that doesn’t go down well with him. During a car ride home Kyle tries his very best to stay calm. However, he is not able to stay calm for long. When he jumps out of the van he goes off at Brent. Clearly Brent messed with the wrong VIP ambassador. The only person who was there for him.

Kyle Marvé Reaches Breaking Point

Kyle Marvé has tried his best to be nice to Brent Marks on Beach Club. He was there to console him after the situation with him and Sara blew up. However, Kyle has reached his breaking point with him. Out of rage, he starts to get physical with Brent. The other VIP ambassadors have to step in before the fight gets worse.

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club spoilers show Kyle Marvé telling Lindsay Lohan his side of what happened. He says that he “has been nothing, but a friend to Brent.” He adds that “no one likes Brent.” Kyle knows what he is all about. Kyle has had enough and is tired of being nice to him. There is only so much he can take.

Lindsay Lohan Confront VIP Ambassadors

Lindsay Lohan finds out about the altercation between Brent Marks and Kyle Marvé. Violence is something that Lindsay does not tolerate. She can’t be having her employees get violent. Especially since everything they do affects the Lohan brand. A brand that Lindsay has worked so hard to build. Lindsay doesn’t want her workers tarnishing her family name.

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club spoilers explain that Lindsay Lohan does not want people who will ruin her name work for her. She says “at the end of the day, no matter what you guys do here, it’s my name.” She adds that in her other clubs in Greece and Dubai “no one can lay a hand on someone.” It is not acceptable. Will Lindsay send Brent Marks and Kyle Marvé home?

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