‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’ Spoilers: Brent Threatens – Sara Gets With Billy

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club spoilers reveal Brent Marks threatens to go home after seeing Sara Tariq hook up with Billy Estevez. Lindsay Lohan was not happy when Brent and Sara started a relationship and doesn’t want it interfering in work. They were on-and-off then officially called it quits as she moved on with fellow VIP ambassador Billy. So now, Brent is ready to go home.

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club Spoilers: Brent Marks Wants Out

Brent caused drama from the start. Earlier on LLBC, he fought with Jonitta Wallace after she was called “the weakest link”. Now he’s in relationship drama. All season long, Brent Marks and Sara Tariq never had a steady relationship. One moment they’re together, the next they’re broken up. Now they officially ended their relationship.

However, Brent is not happy with how Sara Tariq is acting and he wants to get away. Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club spoilers say Brent is angry after seeing Sara and Billy spend time together. Brent says they were still hooking up right before she moved on with a new man. Brent Marks doesn’t like what he sees and believes she should have more respect for herself.

Sara Tariq Single and Ready To Mingle – Billy Estevez Down for That

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club fans saw Brent Marks treat Sara poorly all season. Now that they are officially over, she is ready to have some fun. First on her radar is fellow VIP ambassador Billy Estevez. He tried to make a move on Sara before but her interest in the other guy was an obstacle.

Now, LLBC spoilers show Sara Tariq and Billy Estevez get flirty on the yacht. Billy asks her if “the ball is in my court”. She nods and Billy leans in for a kiss. The rest of the VIP ambassadors scream and clap their hands. Jonitta says “finally!” But Brent, on the other hand, is not having any of it.


Billy Estevez Takes Advantage

It was no secret on Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club that Billy Estevez was crushing on Sara Tariq. However, her relationship with Brent Marks was an issue. He told Sara often that her BF wasn’t right for her. Also, he constantly criticized how she was treated. With the other guy out of the picture, Billy Estevez takes advantage of the situation.

New spoilers show Billy and Sara taking pictures together. He questions her on where they stand. Then, he takes the opportunity to get closer to her. Billy doesn’t care what Brent has to say or what he thinks. Billy knows he can treat Sara the way she deserves. So, he’s not wasting any time. Watch the new LLBC episode on MTV Monday night.

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