Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club: Jonitta Wallace Flames Brent Marks Over Double Standard

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’s VIP ambassador Jonitta Wallace and got into it with Brent Marks after she got called the “weakest link”. In episode one, Brent was assigned to take care of an important guest named Natasha at the party place in Greece. She is an influencer from Dubai.

Lindsay Lohan and her business partner Panos Spentzos want to make sure Natasha gets the best experience. But Jonitta believes a women couldn’t do that level of caretaking because of double standards. While Brent Marks spent the whole time by Natasha’s side, to Jonitta, it seems like he wasn’t working at all.

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club – Jonitta Wallace Calls Out Double Standard

The Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club ambassador believes that she is not the weakest link. In fact, Jonitta Wallace feels like she worked very hard. However, she thinks the same is not true of Brent.

She questions if he was even actually working at all. According to her, all that Brent did was take Natasha out shopping and go swimming with her. She states that if he was working, Natasha would have spent more money at the club. Jonitta Wallace wasn’t shy and tweeted her frustration with her co-worker.

Jonitta Slams Brent Marks on Social Media

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club cast member Jonitta Wallace took to Twitter to let everyone know her opinion. See the tweet above! She believes that if a male client took her out shopping, it wouldn’t be looked at the same. There would be a double standard.

She said a woman couldn’t get away with the things Brent Marks did. In the tweet she says that if she was out shopping and making out with client, she’d be called a gold digging “unprofessional black girl”. So, is there a double standard at play? Could be.

Brent Marks Defends His Actions

Other Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club VIP ambassador Brent Marks feels like he was just doing his job. He was asked to take care of Natasha and that’s what he feels he did.

Natasha said she wanted to go swimming. So Brent Marks too her to buy a bikini and went swimming together. According to his tweet, he was in his element while taking care of the guest.

Brent slapped back on Twitter to let Jonitta know how he felt about her calling it a double standard. He replied to her tweet with “#NoRegrets.”

He also tweeted that he feels like he delivered. In regards to the fact that Jonitta Wallace was called the weakest link, he replied with “sucks to suck boo.” Harsh.

Fans Take Jonitta Wallace’s Side

Fans of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club took to Twitter to show Jonitta Wallace their support. Many people agree with her. Because they think that it is a double standard situation. They don’t see her as a less able employee and tweeted support.

One fan tweeted “twice as hard to get half as much”. So, fans seem to agree that if it was a woman taking care of a man, the situation would have played out differently. See the slideshow below for some fan tweets on the issue.

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Fans Didn’t Rally Around Brent

On the other hand, Brent Marks didn’t get as much support as Jonitta Wallace did from Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club viewers. One of the few supportive tweets he got said “haters gonna hate.” Then, he was also told to just ignore the haters.

Based on fan reaction, they do perceive a double standard in this situation. Certainly Brent obviously doesn’t think he did anything wrong. Should Brent Marks have been more professional while taking care of Natasha?

So, it’s a good thing that club owner Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to tension drama. So will her ambassadors be able to squash their beef before they jeopardize the club’s reputation? Find out how the drama unfolds on Lindsay Lohan’s Beach club on MTV.

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