‘Life After Lockup’: Angela and Tony Are Still Together After Finale – Was Their Split Fake?

Life After Lockup newlyweds Angela Gail and Tony appeared to call it quits almost directly after their wedding. In last night’s finale, the two tied the knot and then Angela discovered her new hubby Tony had cheated on her. Their story ended on a cliffhanger after an explosive fight. But recent evidence proves that the two are still together. So, why are they pretending they aren’t?

Life After Lockup: Angela Gail & Tony Get Married – Cheating Revealed

In the season finale, Angela Gail and ex-con Tony got married. It happened in a beautifully done beach ceremony surrounded by their family and friends. The Life After Lockup stars said their “I do’s” and that was that.

Surprisingly, Angela’s other boy Tommy didn’t stand up and object to their nuptials. Although he does believe he still has a chance with Angela. Everything went off without a hitch, which isn’t common for the WEtv show.

It isn’t until two days after the wedding that the other shoe drops. Angela steals Tony’s cellphone SIM card and snoops through its contents. She discovers texts from at least one other woman and freaks out on her Life After Lockup husband.

She Kicks Him Out After Huge Fight

Of course, Angela Gail doesn’t take the discovery that Tony cheated on her (again) very well. In fact, she immediately confronts the Life After Lockup ex-con by calling him on the phone. A major verbal brawl breaks out between the two. Angela is yelling at him to “quit the stupid sh*t” while Tony is pissed that she was reading his texts.

Next, Angela tells him to take the truck and get out. It turns out she hasn’t filed their marriage certificate yet and she doesn’t plan to now. She even changes the locks on her house so that he can’t get inside. We find out that Tony is currently living in a hotel. Life After Lockup and WEtv make it seem like the two are over for good this time.

Life After Lockup: Tony

Tony & Angela Gail Are Still Together – Was Marriage Drama Fake?

As it turns out, Tony and Angela Gail appear to be still together and married, even after the cheating scandal. Tony just shared a picture of himself in Angela’s home. While both cannot confirm or deny their relationship status due to their contracts, it’s obvious they’re still together.

It wouldn’t be the first time she has forgiven Tony for cheating because of his sex addiction. And it probably won’t be the last. What do you think, are they done or giving it another shot?

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