‘Life After Lockup’: Tommy Rats Out Tony – Angela Off Deep End

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal Tommy rats Tony out at the strip club and Angela Gail loses it. Angela and her felon plan their wedding on the WEtv show. Plus, Tony lets loose before tying the knot with Angela Gail. But, it looks like Tony goes too far. Soon, Tommy steps in. See what comes on LALU.

Life After Lockup: Tony Goes Wild at the Strip Club – Tommy Snitches

The Love After Lockup spinoff shows Tony partying it up at a gentleman’s club before walking down the aisle with Angela Gail. Tony celebrates in the company of other women. But, Tony goes a little too far in Tommy’s eyes. And, he takes matters into his own hands.

Tommy snaps pictures and takes video of him in the club with a half-naked woman on his lap. Tony is supposed to enjoy himself before marriage. But, it’s clear Tommy thinks otherwise. Tommy takes pics of Tony in the act and sends them to Angela. Meanwhile, Angela Gail doesn’t like what she sees.

WEtv LALU: Angela Gail Confronts Tony at the Club

Following Tommy snitching on Tony, Life After Lockup spoilers show Angela Gail confronting her soon-to-be-husband. They get married the following day. And, Angela doesn’t like the shenanigans. Especially after pics and video footage show him cozying up to another woman.

Tony is already on thin ice this season on Life After Lockup. Tony lied to Angela about spending time with other women. And, she nearly threw him out for good. The only way for him to get back in her good graces is to follow a strict set of rules while under her roof. But, these latest antics push Angela Gail over the edge on Life After Lockup. And, she lets him have it.

Tommy Sabotaging the Marriage on Life After Lockup?

It’s no secret Tommy has it out for Angela Gail’s future husband. He wants her for himself. But, she rejected him in favor of the Life After Lockup convict. Tommy and Angela are still friends. But, it’s clear it hurts she chose a younger man over him. And, his frustration often comes across on Life After Lockup.

Tommy said in a previous episode he doesn’t think the pair should marry. He believes the former criminal will do the same things he always does. In his mind, it’s only a matter of time before he cheats and hurts Angela Gail again. Tommy even said he learned self-defense. And, he’s not afraid to use it against the former convict.

Life After Lockup spoilers report Angela storms out of the club in a rage. She can’t believe her husband-to-be did this on the night before their wedding. And, she has second thoughts about marrying him. Love After Lockup fans current on this couple know they marry. But, it’s worth tuning in to see the drama unfold only hours before the wedding.

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