‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Spoilers: Pauly and Vinny Plan Mike Sorrentino’s Bachelor Party

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation spoilers reveal that Pauly DelVecchio and Vinny Guadagnino help plan Mike Sorrentino’s bachelor party. Pauly and Vinny agreed with the girls to keep Mike’s bachelor party tamed. With Mike going to prison, Vinny and Pauly want to make this night extra special. However, the girls are under the impression that they are in charge of the planning. Therefore, they plan a surprise guest for Mike — his wife, Lauren Pesce. There is no such thing as a tame party when it comes to the Jersey Shore cast.

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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation – Pauly DelVecchio Takes Over Party Planning

Pauly DelVecchio doesn’t think that the girls should be in charge of planning Mike’s bachelor party. The girls want to keep the party calm. However, Pauly wants his best friend to have a crazy last fling before getting married. Mike Sorrentino will also be going to prison shortly after getting married. Pauly says that “I’m not going to let this man go out on his bachelor party and leave that in the fate of those girls handling it.”

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation spoilers show Pauly DelVecchio calling a guy he knows to help with the party. Pauly calls the guy and explains that he is throwing a party and wants to surprise Mike “with some hot girls.” According to Pauly, this “party just got a whole lot better.” This should be interesting.

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Vinny Guadagnino Wants A Crazy Bachelor Party

Vinny Guadagnino has known Mike Sorrentino for a very long time. He has witnessed Mike “The Situation” during his party days. He was there when The Situation had girls begging him “to see his abs.” However, Vinny was also there to see Mike turn his life around. Mike may no longer act like the old Mike “The Situation”, but Vinny believes that he still deserves a bachelor party that the old Mike “The Situation” would like.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation spoilers explain that Vinny Guadagnino wants Mike to have a true bachelor party. Vinny is aware that Mike has changed for the better. He states that “we all know Mike Sorrentino. He is a good guy. He’s like a saint.” However, Vinny adds “but The Situation deserves a real bachelor party.”

The Jersey Shore Girls Plan A Surprise Guest

The Jersey Shore girls think that they are planning the party. They don’t want the party to be out of control and crazy. The girls also don’t want it to be a normal bachelor party. Therefore, they call it a “ranchelor party.” Since it will take place on a ranch. Which means no drinking and definitely no strippers. Although the girls do have a good replacement for a stripper.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation spoilers indicate that the girls are planning to surprise Mike Sorrentino with his wife, Lauren Pesce. Nicole Polizzi suggests that “Laurens could be the stripper.” However, Nicole adds “not like she has to be a stripper.” It is just a good replacement as a gift. This party could either be a disaster or the best night of Mike’s life.

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