‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Spoilers: Pauly and Vinny Visit Mike “The Situation” in Prison

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation spoilers reveal that Paul DelVecchio (known as DJ Pauly D) and Vinny Guadagnino visit Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino in prison. The trio calls themselves “MVP” because of the first letter of their names. Over the years, the once strangers have become family. So, Vinny and Pauly decide to make the drive up to visit Mike while he is in prison. For Pauly and Vinny, this is their first time visiting someone in prison. However, they never thought Mike would be the one they were visiting. 

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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation – Pauly DelVecchio Expresses Surreal Feeling

Pauly Delvecchio and Mike Sorrentino have been close from the very beginning. He has seen Mike turn his life around for the better. Pauly is always there to shed some positivity when his roommates are going through a rough time. Thus, Pauly needs to visit Mike while he is serving time.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation spoilers explain how Pauly DelVecchio is feeling about seeing Mike in prison. Pauly admits that “if you asked me five years ago if I ever thought we’d be taking this drive to go visit Mike in prison, I would say you’re crazy.” He adds that “it’s surreal right now.” Visiting “The Situation” was something he never thought he would have to do.

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Vinny Guadagnino Nervous For Visit

Vinny Guadagnino never thought he would have to go to a prison to visit someone he knows. He admits that he’s “never visited someone in jail before.” Although, Vinny needs to make sure that Mike knows that he is there for him. Which is why he wants to visit him. Vinny is about to enter new territory. There is always a first for everything.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation spoilers indicate how Vinny Guadagnino feels about his visit with Mike. Vinny states, “I’m definitely nervous.” He explains that he wants Mike to see his face. He adds that “we’re his family and I need to get up there and see him.” So, visiting “The Situation” is a must. It shows him that he is not alone and that his family will be there for him when he gets out.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino Release Date Set

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino started his eight-month sentence in January. He was sent to prison after pleading guilty to tax evasion. Mike has been serving his time at the Otisville Federal Correctional Institution. As seen on this season, the Jersey Shore cast was in disbelief after his sentencing hearing. They couldn’t believe that Mike got prison time and not just probation.

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation reality star’s release date has been set. After spending eight months in prison, Mike will be released very soon. His release date is September 12, 2019. Although, after his time in prison, Mike will have to serve two years of supervised probation. He will also have to do 500 hours of community service. 

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