‘Double Shot At Love’ Spoilers: Pauly and Vinny Bromance Back As Dudes Look for Love On New Show

Double Shot At Love spoilers reveal Paul DelVecchio (DJ Pauly D) and Vinny Guadagnino are resparking their bromance. The Jersey Shore duo have a new MTV show coming soon. Pauly and Vinny are no strangers to living in a shore house with other roommates.

However, this time they will be living with 20 lucky ladies who all get a the chance to fall in love with the man of their dreams (so long as they’re dreaming of Pauly D and Vinny). The party is here and they are ready to fist pump, and indulge in a little GTL while looking for love on MTV.

Double Shot At Love Spoilers: Pauly DelVecchio Grows  Up – Pauly D Looking For “The One”

Pauly DelVecchio is done with hooking up with random girls in the smoosh room. DJ Pauly D always had ladies throwing themselves at him. However, he is over the one-night stands and wants a stand that lasts forever. Pauly D is ready to settle down with the woman of his dreams. With his bro by his side Pauly DelVecchio is ready to find the one.

Spoilers show that Pauly DelVecchio starts to develop feelings for one of the contestants. Pauly’s crush starts to get emotional. He says: “you know I like you”. Then adds: “you can’t let the other girls get to you”. DJ Pauly D is serious about looking for love. He admits “I came into this house looking for love”.

Vinny Guadagnino Gets Real About Love

Vinny Guadagnino had his fair share of hookups over the years. From smooshing fellow Jersey Shore roommate the itty bitty Snooki to pulling a robbery on his boss’s girl, Vinny Guadagnino was constantly up to something. However, Vinny is over bachelor life and is getting real about finding love. This keto guido is ready to make moves and add something sweet to his diet.

Double Shot At Love spoilers indicate Vinny Guadagnino starts to realize things are getting real for him. He is really starting to get closer to certain contestants. Vinny explains that he “feels like a little kid moving in for the first kiss”. So, Vinny Guadagnino may be able to make the move and find love.

Bromance Boys – Here For Real Love

Cue the cabs because the bromance is here for it. This duo is ready to find love. Pauly DelVecchio and Vinny Guadagnino have been through it all together. They even made their bromance official with a “brommitment ceremony” in Las Vegas during season two of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Vinny and Pauly take their relationship very seriously.

However, they are ready to add two more to the relationship. Some say four is a crowd. Now imagine 20 ladies in a house. Now that’s a party for these bros. MTV show spoilers explain that these ladies are in for one crazy ride. Some will break down in tears, while others will be ready to brawl. All for the chance to find love.

No doubt, the situation will get out of control. However, it’s Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly DelVecchio – – and they always know how to keep things interesting. Jerzdays are back! Watch the season premiere April 11 on MTV.

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