Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Gets Her Adoption Details Out of Drunk Dad

Nicole Polizzi just wouldn’t be Snooki without her tendency to open her mouth and tell-all, which she did once again in her latest interview. The Jersey Shore Family Vacation star leaves very few aspects of her life in the privacy department. That file is open for the world to see, which is how she recently approached the topic of her own adoption as a baby.

Snooki is a hot topic around the nation’s water coolers once again today. This happened rather quickly as soon as people tuned in for the first season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.  Now that the reboot of Jersey Shore is filming its second season, Snooki is in demand for interviews.

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Jersey Shore Family Vacation was meant to be a reunion show with several episodes. Instead, it has turned into another hit series for Snooki and the crew of Jersey Shore.

Snooki Didn’t Find Adoption an Easy Subject to Approach

The 30-year-old mother of two recently shared how she always knew she was adopted, according to People Magazine.  She also said that it was something she didn’t discuss with her parents while growing up in  Marlboro, New York.. Why? Because she always considered her adoptive parents her parents – period.  Her loyalty to her parents coupled with her worries about getting them upset kept the subject at bay.

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Jersey Shore Star Came From Chile

It wasn’t until she got older that she became infatuated who her biological parents might be. She wanted to know what they looked like and she especially wanted to know if she had any siblings. Snooki remained the only child after she was adopted by the Polizzi family at six-months-old. This was the only aspect of childhood she didn’t embrace, being an only child.

Some fans may be surprised to learn the Italian beauty isn’t Italian after all. She was born in Chile, which is what she tells folks when they ask. Her roots start in Santiago, Chile, where her parents adopted her in what sounds like a love at first sight scenario. Snooki didn’t say whether or not she knew her birth name or the name of her birth parents.

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Snooki Feeds Dad Alcohol and Gets All the Answers

It wasn’t until Snooki was somewhere in her early twenties that she found out the details of her adoption. She explains how she got her father drunk one night and asked him all the questions that had been swimming around in her head.

Snooki conveys in the interview that she was perfectly content as part of the Polizzi family and still considers them her real parents. She knew she didn’t look like them and that was her first clue when questioning if she was adopted.

The subject of Adoption Upset Snooki’s Parents

When she got older she wondered why her parents didn’t offer up any of the details of her adoption. As a teen around 16 or 17, she really started to think about it more and more. With that said, she shared that it wasn’t easy approaching her parents for answers.

Snooki said, “Every time I ask my parents they would get upset. I could just tell they would get upset because they didn’t want to tell me the truth or they didn’t want me to think that they’re not my parents which was never the case.”

Dad Spills All the Beans

It was around the age of 21 or 22 when she purposely got her dad full of liquor. This is when she was able to get the answers to the questions that she wanted to know. Snooki shares how she said to her father – “Dad, can you just tell me what went on? Why was I up for adoption?’

She learned that her parents traveled to Chili to get their daughter, who would grow up as their only child. Snooki’s dad told her that she was given up for adoption because of the family’s financial circumstances.

A Case of Instant Fate

Finding the baby who would become their daughter came instantly for the Polizzi couple. Snooki learned that at first glance she called them “Mama and Dada.” Today she calls it “fate” that they found each other. She wrestles with a hesitation during the interview when calling her parents her “adoptive parents.”

Snooki shares how she hates calling them “adoptive” parents because they are her real parents. This is how she considers her mom and dad even though she was not born to them. She also shared – “Basically, my birth parents had other siblings and they couldn’t afford me. I can’t even imagine because I have two kids, putting up a child for adoption, to give them a better life.”

After hearing why she was given up for adoption, she came to a conclusion. She believes her birth parents must have loved her very much to do give her away so she’d have a better life. As a mother herself, she couldn’t imagine letting one of her children go. She also believes that her birth parents came to a very hard but unselfish decision by giving her up.

Does Snooki Want to Meet Her Birth Parents?

When asked if she’d like to meet her birth family one day she agreed that she would. She also said it was to satisfy her own curiosity that she might set out to do this in the future. She quipped how she always wondered if she had stayed with her birth parents if she would have still ended up the “hot mess” that she is today.

Snooki’s conclusion was that she feels that she “was always meant to be this hot mess.” Snooki didn’t like being the only child and that has given her the drive to have a large family. She always wanted brothers and sister.

10… Yes… 10 Kids!

She explains that this is the reason she would love to be a mother of 10 someday. Growing up without any siblings urges Snooki to provide plenty of sisters and brothers for her offspring. Well, chances are Snooki was exaggerating just a bit on the number of kids she’d like. Unless she really has her sights set on becoming the Mother Goose of the reality set.

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