Is Brad Cooper Leaving ‘General Hospital’ – Parry Shen Off GH?

Many are asking is Brad Cooper leaving General Hospital. And want to know if there’s a future for Parry Shen‘s character after this explosive reveal coming soon. Because, there’s a target on his back and his marriage is on the rocks. Lately, it seems nothing is going his way and soon he’ll have more enemies than he can count. Of course, he’s dug himself out of holes before. But, this baby swap ordeal is a whole new level. So, once this tragic baby swap saga is out in the open he might have to run for his life on ABC’s GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Brad Cooper In Over His Head

GH spoilers know 46-year-old Parry Shen has been on the sudser for seven years and his character Brad Cooper has always been a weasel. However, there may be no coming back from his current scheme. Of course, Brad freaked and wasn’t thinking clearly when the original baby Wiley died over a year ago. So, Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier) was able to talk him into swapping newborns on General Hospital.

But, Brad Cooper didn’t realize how insane things would get and that he could lose his entire family. Plus, Julian Jerome (William deVry), who has been his rock, is turning in him. Now, he wants Brad Cooper dead because he thinks it’s the only way to protect Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes).  So, he doesn’t have anyone left in his corner and Lucas is fed up with his secrets and lies, promise General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: There May Be Nothing Left For Brad Cooper

General Hospital spoilers promise things are looking mighty bleak for Brad Cooper at the moment. Remember, he’s on the bad side of both Julian Jerome and Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati). Certainly, neither is a place you want to be. Of course, Liesl could throw him under the bus at any moment. And now, Julian is channeling his inner mob-man by messing with Brad’s brakes. No doubt, he thinks getting rid of Brad will solve his problems.

However, he might have more problems, tease General Hospital spoilers. Because Lucas ends up in the car with him and the plan takes a scary turn. So, with both Brad and Lucas in the car, either of them could die. If Brad died, the baby swap secret could die with him. Also, Parry Shen’s status on the soap is recurring which means he’s not on contract with GH. That means he could go at any time.

So, this could be the end of the line for the shady lab-tech – or he might come out of the coming car crash just fine while Lucas is the one in peril. Surely, there is a chance he could be killed off but he is a fan-fave. Maybe, he just gets run out of town after everyone discovers what he’s been hiding all this time. Then, maybe down the road once things calm down, he can come back and try to make amends, hint General Hospital spoilers.

Brad Cooper May Get Another Chance On General Hospital

GH spoilers say it’s a possibility Brad Cooper could pull himself out of this mess. No doubt, the powers that be may choose to turn things around for him. Remember, his scheme with Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) was pretty awful and he managed to come back from that. So, anything is possible. Surely, fans would be let down to see him leave. Of course, there are some haters because Brad is rotten – and always has been, remind General Hospital spoilers.

However, he has a good heart and is always acting out of love on GH. Certainly, there are still many Brad-lovers out there. Especially, the “Brucas” fans that would be devastated if they split up. There’s still plenty of story left to tell with Brad Cooper and he is tied to so many people. Certainly, he might stick around and keep the drama going on General Hospital.

Yes, he is shady, but he loves Lucas and Wiley so much it makes him loveable as well. Certainly, he still has a conscience, he just wants to keep his family. Continue to watch GH on ABC weekdays to see the epic fallout of Brad Cooper’s plot and if he has a future in Port Charles.

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