‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Brad Turns The Tables – Blackmails Dr O

General Hospital spoilers report Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) is beating Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) at her own game and blackmailing her into keeping the baby swap secret. Certainly, Liesl is the blackmail queen but Brad just turned things around on her.

Remember, Dr O confronted Brad and told him she needs to do the right thing (for once) and tell the truth. However, he threatened to get Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) thrown back in Pentonville if she opens her mouth on ABC’s GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Brad Cooper’s Devastating Secret

GH spoilers know Brad Cooper has been keeping a life-changing secret for an entire year now. Certainly, that fateful night he ran into Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier) changed his life. No doubt, he was so distraught that he and Lucas Jones’ (Ryan Carnes) new son just died that he didn’t know what to do. Besides, Nelle is a master at convincing people to do what she wants on General Hospital.

Of course, keeping Michael Corinthos’ (Chad Duell) son from him is cruel. But, Brad rationalizes that Wiley is better off away from the Corinthos family. Surely, Nelle convinced him this when she begged him to raise her son. Now, Brad stands to lose everything. Once the Corinthos clan finds out what he’s done, hint General Hospital spoilers, his life may be at risk.

GH Spoilers: Liesl Obrecht Knows What Brad Is Hiding

General Hospital spoilers recall Liesl Obrecht knows Nelle and Brad’s twisted scheme. Remember, she delivered Nelle and Michael’s healthy baby boy on the side of the road. So, when she overheard that the baby died, she was confused. Of course, that prompted her to visit Nelle in Pentonville. Surely, Nelle told her everything and Liesl agreed to keep her secret.

Of course, Liesl would keep quiet until she can use it to her advantage, that is. Now, Liesl is actually beginning to feel bad for Michael and Wiley. General Hospital spoilers indicate she may be ready to spill the beans and tell Michael everything. However, Brad Cooper has way too much to lose and can’t let that happen. So, he is fighting fire with fire, say GH spoilers.

Brad Tries To Silence Dr O – General Hospital Spoilers

GH spoilers confirm Brad Cooper is the one who pushed Liesl Obrecht overboard on the Haunted Star. Remember, he just admitted it when she called him out on it. Of course, there was debate on who tossed her in the water. Surely, she has more enemies than she can count. However, Brad is one of the few desperate enough to pull a stunt like that on General Hospital.

Of course, he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his family together. So, he is playing dirty. Surely, he tried to eliminate Liesl as a threat. Now, he is willing to throw his best friend Britt Westbourne under the bus to secure Liesl’s silence. So, he threatened to name Britta as his accomplice and get her thrown back in prison, confirm General Hospital spoilers.

Brad Flips The Script – Blackmails Liesl Obrecht

General Hospital spoilers promise Brad Cooper gives Liesl Obrecht a run for her money. But, she was all set to tell Micheal Corinthos the truth about baby Wiley. Of course, she didn’t think Brad could stop her. Then, he pulled a trump card – her daughter. Surely, Britt is one of the very few people Liesl cares about. Although, that is questionable sometimes.

Now, Brad puts her freedom at risk by threatening to bring her down with him if Liesl blabs. Remember, Brad told Britt the whole truth. Certainly, she understood Brad’s reasons and agreed to keep the secret. So, Liesl is keeping quiet – for now. But, the truth about Wiley is bound to come out soon one way or another.

Watch ABC weekdays to see how long Brad Cooper can up this charade and if Liesl will find a way to expose him on GH.

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