‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Lucas Uncovers Willow’s Secret – Brad Petrified

General Hospital spoilers report Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) may uncover Willow Tait’s (Katelyn MacMullen) connection to his son with Brad Cooper (Parry Shen). The GH schoolteacher has been inching her way closer to Wiley Cooper-Jones for months because she believes he’s her son. With a little nudge, Lucas may soon realize the real reasons for her obsession – and his hubby, Brad Cooper’s anxiety – on ABC’s GH.

General Hospital Spoilers – Lucas Jones Triggers Landmine?

On GH, Lucas Jones has been in the dark for quite some time. Brad Cooper is keeping a major secret about their son that could possibly blow their life apart at any moment. However, Lucas may not be as clueless as he appears. He’s an observant man and is already on to Brad. He just has no idea how deep this well actually goes. The handsome doctor thinks he’s ready for the truth, but the truth will certainly hurt if he walks through that door.

Next week, General Hospital spoilers hint that Lucas Jones may get a clue. He may even connect the dots between Willow Tait and Wiley. If so, he’s standing dangerously close to an active landmine. Unearthing Willow’s secret could bring him one step closer to discovering his adopted son’s true parentage – and the mastermind behind it all – Brad.

Willow Tait’s Secret Rocks Lucas? – GH Spoilers

Willow Tait has been dancing around Lucas Jones’ family a lot lately on General Hospital. Sure, Wiley is cute, but eventually Lucas was bound to catch on to her true motive. Willow wants Lucas to keep her son, Wiley, away from Dawn of Day. Even more specifically, she wants to keep him hidden from his presumed father, DoD leader, Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan Mclaughlin). But, she may not be able to convince the naïve doc without accidentally revealing herself first as Wiley’s mom. But Brad Cooper keeps falling for DoD’s lure.

So once Lucas puts the pieces together, he will likely experience a tailspin of emotions. He’ll have to decide whether or not to allow Willow Tait in Wiley’s life. He may also consider heeding her warnings against DoD, an organization where Brad is heavily involved. But since a decision like this is so big, Lucas Jones will likely consult Brad about their future.

Brad Cooper Can’t Stomach Lucas Finding Out

Brad Cooper’s stomach has been in knots every since he learned that Willow Tait is Original Wiley’s (OW) birth mom on General Hospital . Unfortunately, Willow and Lucas do not know that the Wiley they both adore is not OW. He is Jonah Corinthos, son of ELQ CEO, Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) and psycho Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier). Spoilers remind that Nelle and Brad Cooper swapped OW with Jonah after his sudden death.

Since very few are aware of the swap, Brad Cooper is deathly afraid of his hubby finding out. But if Lucas decides that they should allow Willow to see Wiley, Brad may crack on GH. Brad already feels extremely guilty anytime Michael gets anywhere near his son. Just imagine how much he will freak out if Willow Tait starts hanging around too. Keep watching GH weekdays to see how Lucas Jones puts the pieces together and if Brad holds up under the pressure.

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