‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Brad Busted By Birthmark – Quartermaine History Blows Up Baby Swap

General Hospital spoilers hint to the Quartermaine birthmark puts an end to Brad Cooper’s (Parry Shen) baby swap scheme. But this is not a storyline going away anytime soon. It might be Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) that notices something is off or Brad Cooper may meltdown and end the GH baby switch.

The latter seems unlikely since Brad Cooper puts himself and Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) first. Brad won’t risk his marriage to Lucas by blabbing the truth. But Quartermaine family history is the key to someone unraveling the truth about Jonah Corinthos and Wiley Cooper-Jones.

General Hospital Risky Ploy

GH spoilers promise that Brad Cooper took a huge risk by switching his dead adopted baby for Nelle Benson’s (Chloe Lanier) newborn. Nelle is not someone to trust. Lanier has already taped her final shows, so she won’t be around long enough to get the mileage needed out of this scheme.

Nelle doesn’t want the baby to fall into the hands of the Corinthos family. Furthermore, this scheme gives her the revenge she craves against Michael. While some fans believe Nelle will soon divulge this secret, General Hospital won’t give it up until long after she is gone. Expect this to roll along until November sweeps, at a minimum.

General Hospital - Michael and Nelle's Baby

GH Plot Lacks Brad Cooper’s Meticulous Planning

GH spoilers remind that Brad Cooper’s a schemer but he’s also a meticulous planner. This was an off-the-cuff plot cooked up by Nelle, with Brad Cooper an unwilling participant at first. It was only his grief over his baby’s death that made him vulnerable. Although he regrets Michael’s loss, Brad Cooper will always put himself and Lucas first.

From past GH spoilers, fans know that the couple desperately want to be parents – so he gambled and took Jonah, at Nelle’s insistence. Switching the babies was far from a move that was thought out well. As Michael Fairman TV spoilers suggest, this leads to heartache for many of the people involved.

Micheal Corinthos And the Quartermaine Birthmark

GH spoilers wonder how will the baby switch be revealed. What seems very likely is that the ABC soap will resurrect some Q legacy history that relates directly to this storyline. When AJ Quartermaine (Sean Kanan) was born in 1979, his parentage was in question. Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) had an affair with Rick Webber (Chris Robertson) and thought AJ was his son.

Then Monica noticed little Alan Jr had a distinctive Quartermaine birthmark on his arm. This was the same birthmark as Alan Quartermaine (Stuart Damon). That led Monica to have a blood test that confirmed her suspicions. As AJ’s biological son, Michael also has this Quartermaine birthmark. Will baby Jonah who is now switched for baby Wiley, have that same family Quartermaine birthmark?

General Hospital Spoilers: November Sweeps Baby Swap Reveal?

Longtime GH watchers know that the ABC soap never resolves anything fast, so a timely end to this baby swap story isn’t likely. November sweeps isn’t too far away and there’s always a hot plot explosion that time of year. Look for this to drag on for months with Brad Cooper looking guilty every time he sees grieving Michael. Brad’s reaction to Lucas and the baby as time goes by will most likely become suspect as well.

With Nelle headed out of town to Ferncliff or Pentonville, as actress Chloe Lanier exits the part, she won’t be around for the messy reveal. However, you can bet she’s somewhere laughing evilly. She’ll be thrilled to know she gave Michael months of heartache before being reunited with his son. Nelle will get the last laugh for now – but we’ll see about later.

There are no confirmed General Hospital spoilers about how the baby swap reveal will happen – or when. But it’s safe to say that GH will drag it out until fans are raging at the delay. 

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