Gold Rush’s Parker Schnabel Found New Girlfriend After Ashley Youle Split?

Gold Rush‘s Parker Schnabel may have found a new girlfriend since his ugly split with his Aussie love Ashley Youle? A recent Instagram photo of Parker and Sheena Cowell has Gold Rush fans wondering if the 24-year-old mining entrepreneur is off the market again.

Gold Rush’s Parker Schnabel And Sheena Cowell Pose For Instagram

On August 13, Parker Schnabel posted on Instagram a photo that has Gold Rush watchers talking. In the photo, he is looking straight ahead, an attractive brunette snuggled in next to him, looking to the side. Both are wearing sunglasses. Both expressionless. Adding to the mystery is the lack of caption, except the two, are sitting under a sign that reads “danger.”

What we do know this mystery woman is that she is Brit Sheena Cowell because Parker tagged her in the pic. Some sources have identified her as a fellow gold miner, but according to her Facebook page, she has also been affiliated with Knickerbockerglory TV. Her Instagram is filled with details of her travels.

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Is Sheena Cowell Parker’s New Girlfriend?

The instant chatter around Gold Rush viewers is the assumption that Parker has found a new girlfriend. Yet, closer inspection may reveal that this may not be the case. According to Sheena Cowell’s own Instagram page, she is already taken. On July 15, she posted a photo of herself with her boyfriend, all dressed up for a wedding in Serbia. After that photo, she was photographed all over Canada, including the Yukon, where Parker mines, as well as hiking in Lake Louise, in Banff, Alberta.

Although Parker Schnabel follows her Instagram page, she has not posted any photos of him. So, what does Parker’s photo of the two of them really mean?  Then again, could Parker perhaps be fooling fans into thinking that he has a new girlfriend?

Parker Schanbel And Ashley Youle Relationship Timeline

Gold Rush fans have watched Parker grow up on camera since the beginning of the show.  Fans really felt for Parker at the beginning of  Gold Rush season 7. He talked lovenly about his late grandfather John Schnabel. The owner of Big Nugget died just a month after he turned 96 years of age. Although Parker lost his beloved mentor, he had a twinkle in his eye as he introduced the crew to his new girlfriend, veterinary nurse Ashley Youle.

Immediately, Ashley Youle was part of the Gold Rush cast, frequently seen during the weekly weigh-in, or driving a truck. Parker confessed to Maxim that Youle was a “huge help” and credited her sunny personality as a big part of achieving his incredible goal of 5,000 ounces of gold in season 7. Ashley Youle worked in the gold room for two seasons with an openly appreciative Chris Doumitt. Parker put a lot of trust in his then-new girlfriend, as she was working closely with the valuable metal.

Ashley And Parker Faced Challenges As Couple

What made things challenging for the couple is had to contend with the Discovery camera people. There was a bet that whoever filmed the two kissing would win a fine bottle of scotch. This did not sit well with the surly Parker and he refused to help the crew. Although sweet Ashley tried to appease and steal a kiss from Parker, the sour miner would have none of that. A the end of the season, the bottle of fine whiskey sat untouched on the shelf.

Parker was cranky at everyone during season 8. In the episode entitled “Win Big Or Die Trying,” Parker shocked Gold Rush super-fans. He announced that he and Ashley broke up. Parker admitted that the was so focused on work that he failed to make Ashley a priority. Schnabel took the full blame for the relationship failure. Ashley Youle said nothing, although all of her Instagram photos in the Klondike or of Parker were deleted.

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Is Parker Still An Eligible Bachelor?

Is Parker Schnabel single? If so, it surely won’t be for long. The good-looking gold mining reality star, who turned 24 on July 22 is quite a good catch. Reportedly worth close to $8 million. The ambitious and hardworking gold miner learned the ropes from his grandpa – the late John Schnabel.

Whether Parker Schnabel is dating Sheena Cowell or reunited with Ashley, Gold Rush season 9 starts on October 12. If Parker is dating anyone, inquiring fans should find out all of the juicy details then. Come back to Soap Dirt for the latest Gold Rush spoilers and news.