‘Gold Rush’ New Season: Parker Schnabel Needs 8,000 Ounces For Personal Best

Gold Rush rolls out Season 10 Friday night and ahead of the episode Parker Schnabel and the other gold miners did the talk show rounds. This entails answering a lot of questions about the Discovery Channel show, Gold Rush. The crew was asked just how many ounces of gold did they pull from the ground for their best season yet?

Gold Rush: Parker Schnabel and His Crew Extract Gold But Is It Profitable?

Also, the Gold Rush celebs offer some insight into what’s more profitable. It looks like they revealed the numbers for the folks who watch the show. Is it their salary from the reality show gig that made them famous? Or is it the profits from gold mining that brings in the lion’s share of income? The answer to that question might surprise the Gold Rush audience.

Gold Rush followers watch as gold miners like Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness, an Tony Beets dig into Mother Earth for their next big find of gold. These Alaskan gold miners spend day after day at the grueling task of extracting a little bit of gold out of a lot of dirt.

But along with their mining, they have another gig going on. Reality TV cameras capture their day to day lives working hard at what seems to be a tedious task. Then the footage is edited and the end result is Gold Rush. So, it looks like Parke Schnabel and that hard-working crew make this show worth watching.

Gold Prices Volatile – Parker Keeps At It

It’s a financial risk the Gold Rush guys take while mining the Alaskan ground for precious metal. Parker Schnabel summed it up a while back for the fans. He said sometimes you have a week that’s nothing short of amazing. But the opposite is also true.

You can have a terrible Gold Rush week. Schnabel also commented at the time how there are not too many businesses like this. When first starting out, novice miners head to Alaska with visions of chunks of gold tumbling out of the newly dug dirt.

But mining for gold looks nothing like that. The gold comes in tiny particles spread over a vast amount of land. Sometimes there’s more of a concentration of that gold in one particular area. That usually constitutes a good Gold Rush week. Then where the gold is sparse, that usually manifests into a terrible week.

Do Gold Rush Cast Make More Digging or Starring on Reality TV?

So which gig is more profitable for the Gold Rush crew? Is it the mining or the money they get for their reality show? When it comes to the actual mining of the gold, it’s easy to see these miners are more apt to find specks of gold rather than pebble-size pieces. But it adds up and it appears to add up quickly. When the truth is told, the gold brings in the most money for the miners on this show.

And reportedly, their salaries for the reality show pale in comparison. Gold Rush star Tony Beets reveals his best season to date netted them 8,000 ounces of gold. But Beets said it happened at a time when gold was under $500 per ounce. Still, that’s a nice chunk of change for one season’s worth of work.

Right now, the price of gold is close to $1500 per ounce. While Parker Schnabel’s crew didn’t break that big take that’s Tony’s personal best, they came close. Last season, Parker and his crew exceeded their goal digging up just over 7,420 ounces. Their aim was 7,000. This was Parker’s biggest season yet with the total value of the gold they mined at over $9 million.

Watch Season 10 to see what they dig up this year starting Friday, October 11, at 9 pm EST on the Discovery Channel.

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