‘Gold Rush’: Will Gene Cheeseman Bail Like He Did on Parker Schnabel and Tony?

Gold Rush spoilers for Season 10 Episode 13, Nuggets or Bust, reveal the infamous Gene Cheeseman‘s back but how will Parker Schnabel react and will the legend stay this time or run off again? Rick Ness is desperate for help to recover his season and call in “secret weapon” Gene. Check out the action for the latest Discovery Channel episode.

Gold Rush Spoilers: Gene Cheeseman Back – Will He Stay This Time?

Rick Ness is on the hunt for big nuggets to save his season and called in gold hunting guru Gene Cheeseman. But will this pinch hitter last? Rick tapped Gene Cheeseman to come as a last-ditch effort to save the season and right off the bat, Gene made a big difference at the weigh-in.

Yet, longtime Gold Rush watchers know that Parker Schnabel and Gene Cheeseman have quite the history. Because, Gene didn’t like working for a young turk like Parker Schnabel. Although, Gene was a problem solver for Parker Schnabel and bailed him out of some tight spots.

Then, Gene Cheeseman bounced over to Tony Beets. However, Gene disappeared on Tony after a Gold Rush season. Back then, Gene wasn’t happy with the tugboat assignment and then walked away. Rumor had it there was a contract issue.

So, will Gene Cheeseman stick around this time and help Rick dig his way out?

Parker Schnabel Brings Friend With No Experience – Will That Blow Up in His Face?

Also on the next Gold Rush episode, Parker Schnabel takes a gamble that may not pay off. He brings in a greenhorn to help out. With Parker’s split crew strategy, he’s stretched thin. So, bringing in more people makes sense. But, is someone with no experience the answer?

Soon, we’ll see Parker cramming months of training into a few hours as he brings in his pal Fred Lewis to work the wash plant. First, he runs Fred through some basic training, them puts him on an important job. Fred first tries out a dozer on Gold Rush.

They’re both a bit nervous but Fred’s quick to tell his pal Parker to let him know if he “f-ks it up”. And then he does exactly that on Episode 13 of Season 10 of Gold Rush. Because, Fred almost shoves the feeder over the edge. Watch to see that close call on the next episode.

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Gold Rush: Tony’s Settlement Pond Sinks Him?

Also, on the next episode of the Discovery Channel show, Tony’s got problems at his settlement pond that may prove catastrophic. His water permit situation put a damper on his production. Now, Tony’s kids scramble to help bring in what they need. But, it’s not what they expected.

Will the pond fiasco wreck Tony’s season while Parker Schnabel closes in on his best season ever? Watch the latest Gold Rush Friday nights to see new guy Fred get freaky at the cut. While all eyes are on Gene Cheeseman to see what he can do and whether he’ll stick with Rick.

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