‘Gold Rush’: Parker Schnabel’s Plan Unravels – Faces Unforeseen Showdown

Gold Rush rolls out the next episode with Parker Schnabel betting big bucks on his team breaking last season’s record gold mining haul. Season 10 offers the second episode, “A New Rush Begins,” Friday night on the Discovery Channel.

Gold Rush: Looks Like Parker Schnabel Sets Aggressive Goal

This is 24-year-old Parker Schnabel’s seventh season mining in the Klondike. For a young guy, he’s got the skills and no-how for this tedious hard work. It seems this season of Gold Rush Parker sets some aggressive goals for both himself and his team of miners.

On the next episode, Parker Schnabel offers up the good news that they’re mining the land he purchased several years ago. This has the young gold miner stoked. It seems this means the team doesn’t have to pay royalties as they did in the previous seasons.

Parker started out by leasing land from Tony Beets but this is the first time he’s his own landlord. So every ounce of gold Parker Schnabel pulls from this land belongs to him and his Gold Rush crew. There’s no landlord waiting for a cut this season. Or at least it starts out that way in theory.

Gold Rush: Parker Schnabel - Tony Beets

No Landlord This Season – Every Ounce Mined Stays With Team

While Parker can look forward to being his own landlord, it still doesn’t mean his problem-free. It seems he’s having “massive permitting issues” with the land he owns. On this next episode he reveals the water rights for the land will only last until 2020. So Parker will tell the crew that this means they have only one year to mine this land – all of it.

The crew of miners, who signed on again with Parker on Gold Rush, have their own thoughts on this. The previews indict they’ll remind their young boss that he’s looking at about three years’ worth of work. But yet, he’s attempting to cram that work into one year. Parker’s reply – “it’s a lot of dirt”.

Parker tells the crew that leaving any part of the land unmined means they’re leaving gold behind. Despite their surprise at this aggressive approach to mining the land, they all get busy in the new episode. But a few naysayers among the group still say it can’t be done.

Then there’s Tony Beets who clashes with Parker on Friday night’s episode. The previews indicate a licensing problem leads Tony to Parker with only one solution. Beets tells the young gold miner that they’re going to have to “buddy-up” on a piece of ground. Parker’s not a happy camper over this new development when Friday’s episode rolls out.

Parker Schnabel and his team of Gold Rush miners will give it all they got in an attempt to make this their biggest season yet. It looks like they attempt to make it big in both their gold harvest and in the show’s ratings. Last season Parker not only reached his goal of digging 7,000 ounces of gold out of the Klondike soil, but he surpassed that goal as well.

Gold Rush: Problems In Wake of Last Season’s Record Breaker

Parker’s Gold Rush team harvested just over 7,420 ounces of gold last season. This is the most for any season of Gold Rush so far with Parker Schnabel at the helm. In the finale of Season 8, viewers watched as Parker’s team celebrated the totals. When all was said and done, the gold dug up by Parker’s team was valued at over $9 million.

This Friday’s episode seems riddled with problems. It looks like Rick Ness rushes to prepare to mine those big nuggets as he fires up his wash plant. But the previews also promise a showdown on the Indian River. Apparently this turns into some serious stuff. The result of this Gold Rush showdown sends a “Klondike legend scrambling,” according to the previews for Friday’s show.

It looks like Parker banks on his crew getting the mining operation up and going for this new season. He’s counting on the crew sluicing in record time but something happens. This throws even more problems Parker’s way.

Tune in to the Discovery Channel at 9 pm EST Friday night for the next new episode of Gold Rush Season 10.

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