‘General Hospital’ Wasting Billy Miller’s Talent – Actor Rumored to Exit ‘GH’

General Hospital spoilers reveal Drew Cain (Billy Miller) has a few scenes left this week and next with Kim Nero (Tamara Braun). Then, reportedly, he’ll be off-screen for a few weeks for a break from the ABC soap. But exactly what is he coming back to and how is GH going to use him? Miller’s talent is undeniable as his sex appeal by the droves. Yet GH sidelined his romantic plots. He had one storyline that ended, so when he’s back, can fans expect better for the talented actor? Now, the scuttlebutt is that he is leaving the show.

General Hospital Stripped Away Billy Miller’s Storylines – Except One

Over the past few months on GH, Billy Miller scenes mostly consisted of Drew Cain and the Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) death story. Meanwhile, Kim Nero has her romance with Julian Jerome (William deVry) in addition to the scenes about her son dying. That keeps her busy along with occasional hospital conversations. So, she’s not just doing the cancer scenes.

But Drew Cain’s scenes seem limited to those with Oscar or Kim discussing the illness. Otherwise, it was brief asides with others offering Drew condolences. Script-wise, GH snipped his other storylines and he’s got this one thing – and it ended. Of course, the grieving parent material could earn him another award so that had to entice him to stick around General Hospital.

Will Billy Stick With GH If Things Stay This Way?

General Hospital casting updates remind that Billy Miller only signs one-year contracts with the soap. So, each year, there are renewal talks where you can imagine topics include money, credits, screen time, and upcoming storylines. The last confirmed renewal news was May 2018. Miller made his debut on October 1 several years ago, but that points to a contract renewal date of months prior to that. Now TV Source says the actor is gone, gone, gone.

It seems likely that part of the negotiation was the big kid dying cancer story. Stuff like that is Emmy-winning material. In fact, Billy Miller won a Daytime Emmy back to back in 2013-2014 at Y&R and one of his big plots was a dying child. So, not long after he renewed with GH, spoilers began the Oscar sick storyline. But can the soap keep him now that the plot ended? It doesn’t seem likely given the new chatter.

No Love For Drew Cain on General Hospital – Strange Waste of a Daytime Hunk

GH doesn’t seem to be tapping the immense talent that Billy Miller brought with him to the soap. Jasper Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) just bought half of Aurora Media and Drew Cain hasn’t done anything with his business in forever. Kim seems to be falling for Julian. She’s also got a depression storyline cooking, it sounds like, with this hinted suicide attempt in her grief.

This week, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) invites Stone Cold to move back in with her, say General Hospital spoilers. Former love interest Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) married and is happy. Plus, Drew said “no thanks” to Margaux Dawson (Elizabeth Hendrickson). The plot with the flash drive of memories seems as forgotten as his past. So, what’s left?

As of now, viewers are waiting to hear if Billy Miller renewed at GH while Y&R fans are chomping at the bit hoping he’d come back to the CBS soap. But, then again, he may be leaving soaps completely. Reese Witherspoon’s production company recruited Miller for a new TV series called Truth Be Told. And now there are three sources saying that Miller is out at the ABC soap.

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