‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kim Distraught From Losing Oscar – Attempts Suicide

General Hospital spoilers report Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) tries to commit suicide because she can’t imagine life without her son in it. Of course, losing a child is a parents’ worst nightmare and Kim may struggle more than she thought. She heads to Mount Kilimanjaro with Drew Cain (Billy Miller) to scatter Oscar’s ashes.

Certainly, the mountain their son didn’t get to climb is the ideal final resting place. However, Kim is struggling to cope with the loss of her boy and may do something drastic. No doubt, Drew will do whatever it takes to help Kim during this heartbreaking time on ABC’s GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Kim Nero Devastated to Lose Oscar

GH spoilers know Oscar Nero’s tragic death wrecked Kim Nero. Certainly, her life revolved around him and now it is left with a massive void. Of course, she knew for years what the outcome of Oscar’s illness would be. However, there is no way to be fully ready for the death of your child, even when you know it’s coming.

Also, she always hoped she could somehow find a miracle and save his life. So, now that he is gone, Kim Nero doesn’t know how to deal or what to do next. Surely, the next step is for her and Drew Cain to spread Oscar’s ashes. But, after that, all that’s left to do is grieve. Now, they set out to Africa to climb a mountain to bring Oscar to his final resting place, say General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Kim Nero Lays Oscar To Rest – Drew Cain Says Goodbye to Son

General Hospital spoilers confirm Drew Cain and Kim Nero are off to spread Oscar’s ashes at Kilimanjaro. Certainly, Oscar and Drew made plans to climb the famous peak quite some time ago. It would have been a great father-son bonding experience, a beautiful memory to treasure. Unfortunately, Oscar ran out of time before they could make the trip.

So, it is only fitting for Kim and Drew bring Oscar’s remains to one of the places on his bucket list he couldn’t visit. Also, this may to bring some closure to Kim and Drew as well. So, they will say their final goodbye and try to begin the healing process. However, there could be more to it for Kim Nero, say GH spoilers.

Kim Makes An Attempt On Her Own Life

On General Hospital, Kim Nero is in such turmoil over the loss of her son that she is ready to take her own life. Certainly, Oscar was Kim’s main reason to live and now he is gone. No doubt, the thought of living the rest of her life without him seems so hard she’s ready to do the unthinkable.

Of course, there are countless ways to end your own life but there seems one obvious choice for Kim. She could try to kill herself while on the mountain. That way she and Oscar will be together at the same place.  So, she may break away from Drew to get the job done. Hopefully, he will be able to stop her from making such a terrible decision, hint GH spoilers.

Drew Is There For Kim – General Hospital Spoilers

GH spoilers promise Drew Cain will be there to support Kim Nero as they face life without Oscar. Certainly, she struggles more than he realized and needs serious help to cope. No doubt, Drew will do everything in his power to pull her out of this dark place.

In the midst of Oscar’s death, Kim sees no way out. Maybe, Drew can show her there is still reason go on living. Watch ABC weekdays to follow along as Kim Nero and Drew Cain fight to make it through the harvest time in their lives.

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