‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Billy Miller Exits This Month – Drew and Kim Leave Together?

General Hospital spoilers promise Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) plans to leave Port Charles and Drew Cain (Billy Miller) may go with her He could go to rekindle the spark they once had or to help her work through her issues perhaps. Recently, Kim confided in both Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Drew that it may be time for her to leave Port Charles. Julian Jerome (William deVry) overheard and isn’t happy.

Certainly, she is having a very hard time handling the loss of her son Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt). So, a change of scenery may be just what she needs. A place where she isn’t haunted by memories of her late son. Also, Billy Miller is set to exit the sudser this month. So, spoilers suggest Drew and Kim may leave together on ABC’s GH. Maybe it’s romantic or maybe it’s more co-parenting grief to be explored.

General Hospital Spoilers: Kim Nero Needs A Change Of Pace – Drew Cain Leaving Too

GH spoilers say Kim Nero plans to leave town permanently. Certainly, losing Oscar sent her into a downward spiral and she is not herself. Remember, she has been trying to have a new baby to take Oscar’s place in hopes of easing her pain. Also, she even went as far as drugging Drew Cain to essentially “steal” his sperm and make a new Oscar. Surely, she is headed down a dangerous path and needs to make a change.

Of course, she will never stop thinking about her son. But, in Port Charles, there are memories of him everywhere she turns. So, she might need to leave so she can healthily work through her grief. Additionally, Tamara Braun was only on a set short term deal from the start and was never on a long term contract. So, this may be when she makes her exit alongside departing Drew Cain, hint General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers – Billy Miller Leaving Soon

General Hospital spoilers confirm Billy Miller ends his run as Drew Cain late this month. No doubt, it is a bittersweet transition for the beloved actor. Certainly, he will miss the cast members, especially former love interest Kelly Monaco. Recently, he posted a very touching and heartfelt video on Twitter as his way of saying goodbye.

Clearly, Billy Miller loved his time on the soap as Drew Cain and will miss it very much much. However, he is on to new endeavors and surely excited about his new Apple series Are You Sleeping? So, with his exit drawing near, the writers may have him exit with Kim Nero to help her heal. Additionally, this will leave the door open if he ever wants to come back or if they want to recast, say General Hospital spoilers.

Kim And Drew Rediscover Their Love – General Hospital Spoilers

GH spoilers tease Drew Cain and Kim Nero might decide to give their prior relationship another try. Hopefully, the flash drive story will wrap up and give viewers some closure before Billy Miller leaves. Maybe Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) forces his memories back on him. If so, they might be able to pick up where they left off so many years ago.

Certainly, Kim’s love for Drew runs deep and peeks out now and then. Also, judging by Shiloh Archer’s flashbacks, his love for her was just as strong. So, if those feelings come back with the memories they may take over. Certainly, he could fall in love with her all over again, tease General Hospital spoilers. That would pave the way for a smooth exit for Billy Miller and his character.

Kim And Drew Cain Make A Fresh Start – GH Spoilers for Billy Miller Exit

General Hospital spoilers suspect Kim Nero and Drew Cain may leave PC to start a new life together. Kim Nero is now certain that heading out of town is what’s best for her right now. Recently, a talk with Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) confirmed it for her. Maybe, with Billy Miller leaving, it could set the stage for Tamara Braun’s exit as well.

Certainly, staying in town is too hard for Kim and a clean break might be best. Clearly, her announcing to Drew that she’s leaving came as quite a shock. No doubt, he will miss her very much. So, he may not be able to let her go alone and decide to join her. Tune in to ABC daytime to watch Billy Miller’s final episodes and see if Drew Cain will take off with Kim Nero on GH.

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