‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian Steps Aside – Crushed By Kim-Drew Kiss

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Julian Jerome (William deVry) was floored when he saw Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) kissing Drew Cain (Billy Miller). Julian knows that Kim has a lot going on at the moment with her son Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt). But does that NYE smooch mean the end of Julian and Kim?

General Hospital Spoilers: Julian Jerome’s Hurt Feelings

On General Hospital, Julian Jerome opened himself up to Kim Nero. He really opened himself up to her which was hard since he struggled to get over Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn). Several times he’s walked away and let her have time with Drew Cain even though it made him uncomfortable. But this kiss is too much.

Unfortunately, he may react too soon by withdrawing from Kim. After all, Drew and Kim are in an emotionally tense situation. Their emotions were heightened. It was New Year’s and their son is terminally ill. Of course, after the kiss, they decided to keep things as they are. That means Kim Nero is expecting to continue on with Julian Jerome. Little does she know…

GH Spoilers: Julian Lets Kim Nero Focus On Her Son

Alexis encouraged Julian to step up and be there for Kim. So, when he showed back up at the hospital, what he saw was devastating. Next, we can expect Julian Jerome to step aside rather than step up, but will he tell Kim Nero what he saw? He thinks him bowing out means she can focus all of her energy on Oscar and his illness (and Drew Cain).

As for Kim’s relationship with Drew Cain, the two have slowly gotten closer and bonded as they supported Oscar. Kim Nero has been so appreciative of Drew’s support. In fact, she even begins to reflect on her past with him, which could be the first sign that these two are going to end up together. She just admitted she once loved him. If Julian Jerome backs off now, they may be doomed.

General Hospital Spoilers: Do Julian and Alexis Have a Future?

Despite the kiss, Drew still doesn’t have his memories. Could he fall in love with Kim regardless, even though he doesn’t remember their past? Although they agreed it wasn’t a big deal, it was to Julian. And with him taking himself out of the picture, maybe Drew Cain will use that flash drive, get his memories back, and make a new life with his baby mama.

If things keep heading down this path, Julian may share his frustration and hurt with Alexis on General Hospital,. Recently, Julian and Alexis have spent more time together. They did, after all, spend that belated Christmas together – a Christmas that Kim wasn’t necessarily happy about. She may comfort him and that could spark the Julexis reunion so many GH fans are hoping for.

That kiss might have been the end of one relationship but the restart of two former flames. Stay tuned to ABC daytime to see what unfolds next for Kim, Julian, Alexis, and Drew!

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