‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam’s Life In Danger – Shiloh Threatens Jason [VIDEO]

General Hospital spoilers video for the thrilling week ahead show Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) racing against time to save Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) from Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin). Certainly, Shiloh is getting desperate and will do whatever it takes to get his hands on his cash in Afghanistan. So, his plan is to make Jason transform into the old Drew Cain (Billy Miller).

Because, Drew’s the only one who knows where the money is, his memories are the only chance at getting it back. Certainly, Shiloh just crossed the line by taking Sam captive. No doubt, Jason will need to act quickly if he is going to get to her in time. Check out the video promo below for a glimpse of the gripping week ahead on ABC’s GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Shiloh Archer Snatches Sam McCall

GH spoilers new promo video promises Shiloh Archer is desperate and reaches a new low – he holds Sam McCall hostage. Remember, Sam broke into his seedy motel room and found the flash drive that holds Drew Cain’s memories. However, at the last minute, the DoD guru popped up and caught her. Now, he threatens Jason Morgan if he doesn’t cooperate, Sam will die. So, he stashes her in a freezer until he can get what he wants from Jason.

Certainly, there is minimal air in there and Sam will suffocate if she doesn’t get rescued fast. So, either she must find a way to break herself out or Jason will need to outmaneuver Shiloh Archer – and fast. Certainly, Stone Cold will never let anything happen to Sam. But, he’d better get crafty because she’s running out of time and Shiloh’s demands seem impossible, say General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Jason Morgan Must Spare Shiloh To Rescue Sam

General Hospital spoilers new video reveals Jason Morgan meets Shiloh Archer at his motel room. There, he pummels him and tosses him around the room like a rag doll. However, “Hank” warns Jason that if he kills him, he will never find Sam and she will die. No doubt, it takes everything in Jason Morgan to control his temper and not kill this maniac.

But, Sam McCall’s life is more important and he won’t take Shiloh out until he gets her back safely. However, once Jason retrieves Sam, he’d better run because after this stunt, there will be no stopping Jason. Certainly, this is the final straw – you don’t abduct Sam McCall and get away with it, promise GH spoilers. The DoD leader goading Jason and Drew both is a bad idea.

Shiloh’s Crazy Demand For Sam’s Safety – General Hospital Spoilers

GH spoilers confirm Shiloh Archer demands Jason Morgan become a new Drew Cain in order to protect Sam McCall. For reason he’s not explained, he doesn’t want Drew Cain to recover his own memories of Afghanistan. No doubt, because Drew’s more ethical than Stone Cold and might turn him over to the authorities to put him away for life. But now, Shiloh is flat broke and needs Drew’s memories to get his hidden cash back.

So, he enlists the help of Dr Arthur Cabot (Tim Winters) to implant Drew’s memories into Jason, say General Hospital spoilers. However, shady Shiloh doesn’t know it won’t work on Jason because his brain is damaged. Remember, that’s why it failed when Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) tried it. That’s why the DVX kidnapped Jason’s twin in the first place.

So, Shiloh just signed his death warrant by kidnapping Sam. Plus, his crazy plan won’t even work. Of course, it’s a pretty safe bet that Jason will find Sam in time and then stop at nothing to end Shiloh. Although, spoilers say Shiloh won’t be stopped without getting something he wants. Watch ABC weekdays to how Jason Morgan will save Sam McCall from Shiloh Archer on GH.

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