‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Shiloh Sets Up Jason – Sam Sides With Cult Leader

General Hospital spoilers reveal Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) face off at Kelly’s. Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) rushes to break it up, but must choose sides. This could be her best chance to thoroughly convince Shiloh that she and Jason are done. If so, Sam can win Shiloh’s complete trust. That opens the door for her to shut down the cult, save her sister, and JaSam can be together again.

General Hospital Spoilers: Shiloh Archer Challenges Jason Morgan?

Shiloh Archer and Jason Morgan have a confrontational history on GH. Jason’s disdain for the cult leader grows by the day. Shiloh has Sam’s sister, Kristina Corinthos (Lexi Ainsworth), under his thumb. Now, he wants to add Sam to his collection. Jason will do anything to prevent that.

Shiloh Archer realizes Jason Morgan won’t let Sam go without a fight. So, that may be what he does. At every turn, he tries to turn Sam against Jason. Starting an argument that casts Jason Morgan as the bad guy is likely his plan. Getting in Jason’s face and dropping hints about how close he and Sam are will surely do the trick. Then, all Shiloh has to do is sit back and wait for General Hospital fireworks.

GH Spoilers: Does Shiloh Want Revenge?

On General Hospital, a worried Sam McCall walks a fine line. While, Jason is fighting for her, she is fighting for Kristina. Conversely, Kristina is fighting for Shiloh. Meanwhile, Shiloh is probably laughing at them all. Sam thinks she can beat Shiloh at his own game.

However, in the meantime, he gets to play with her head. Despite all this Dawn of Day double talk, no doubt Shiloh wants some payback for her stealing the fortune that was meant for him. So whether he wants her money or to control her – he’s certainly working an agenda.

General Hospital: Sam Desperate to Save Kristina

Sam intends to rescue Kristina from Shiloh’s clutches on GH. So, she is pretending to buy the DoD cult speak – while he watches her every move. If Sam succeeds, her sister will be free of the cult’s control. If she fails, Kristina may drift further away and there may be nothing Sam could do about it.

So, to maintain the ruse, she may side against Jason in the altercation with Shiloh Archer. Of course, Jason Morgan will understand. However, the longer the farce continues, the more damaging it becomes for all involved. In addition, Kristina may resent her sister’s interference. In the end, this charade could be all for nothing.

Far-Reaching Agenda For Dawn of Day

Although General Hospital spoilers point to Shiloh Archer being one more hurdle in the way of the JaSam reunion, it’s more than that. You can bet that he knows something about what happened to Drew Cain (Billy Miller) – and has not forgiven her conning his father. This guy may be shadier than anyone knows.

He also seems to be moving his cult from city to city in upstate New York. More and more people in Port Charles are quoting his mantras and toting around his book. He’s already infested Beecher’s Corners with his cult of personality and now Port Charles is on his radar.

So, while Sam and Jason Morgan’s first priority is Kristina, there is a bigger agenda at work and someone must stop Shiloh Archer before it’s too late. Stay tuned to GH on ABC weekdays to see what happens as the two men face off.

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