‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Shiloh Kidnaps Sam – Forces Jason Into Life-Changing Decision

General Hospital spoilers confirm Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) kidnaps Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). The DoD leader tells Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) it’s his life for hers – a heartbreaking choice. Obviously, it’s a no-brainer. Jason would choose Sam’s life over his in a hot minute. However, Shiloh is demanding an extremely high price for Sam’s freedom.

Also, she’s on a time limit before Shiloh kills her so Stone Cold must think fast. Luckily, Drew Cain (Billy Miller) and Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) are on the case too. So, they bring in the big guns – Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Certainly, the PC mob men were trying to avoid their usual tactics. However, Shiloh Archer crosses the line and all bets are off on ABC’s GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Shiloh Archer Holds Sam McCall Hostage

GH spoilers reveal Shiloh Archer abducts Sam McCall to leverage her against Jason. Certainly, he snatches Sam and lures Jason to a motel room and lays out the deal for Sam’s release. However, Jason is shaken when he gets there and doesn’t see Sam McCall. Then, he must think quickly because she is locked in a freezer.

Of course, there is little air that is declining rapidly. So, she either needs to get herself out somehow or Jason needs to find a way before she loses consciousness and suffocates. Obviously, Shiloh Archer must be desperate because he just signed his own death warrant by threatening the love of Jason’s life, promise General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Jason Must Become Drew To Rescue Sam McCall

General Hospital spoilers report Shiloh Archer’s terms for sparing Sam’s life are for Jason Morgan to become his twin Drew pre-memory wipe. Certainly, what Shiloh wants are the memories Drew had before he wound up in Port Charles as Jake Doe. Now that Shiloh stole the flash drive containing Drew’s entire past, he has a way to recover his memories.

So, he wants Dr Arthur Cabot (Tim Winters) to transfer Drew’s old memories into Jason Morgan. Because, if the memory mapping could be done before it can be done again. That way, it’s like Shiloh gets the old Drew back with only the memories he chooses to be in his mind. Additionally, not only does he gain Drew, but Jason would disappear.

No doubt, Shiloh is going this far for one reason – he needs Drew’s memories. Surely, it is a matter of survival to Shiloh. So, whatever Drew knows must be very valuable to Shiloh. But, Jason is usually one step ahead and works well in a crisis. Hopefully, he can find a way to help Sam McCall and keep his mind intact, say General Hospital spoilers.

Drew And Curtis Rush To Warn Jason – General Hospital Spoilers

GH spoilers show Curtis Ashford and Drew Cain realize what Shiloh Archer is up to. Next, they figure out he wants to re-do the twin memory experiment for his own reasons. Only this time, instead of Drew getting Jason’s memories, he wants to flip it. So, he wants his old Navy “buddy” back and there must be a good reason behind it.

Of course, Drew and Curtis take off to find Jason and warn him, but they hit a snag. So, they decide to bring in help and call Sonny. Naturally, the mobster wants to help save Sam and Jason and does whatever it takes. Surely, Sonny has connections a gets a location on Shiloh, say General Hospital spoilers.

Jason Works to Liberate Sam – But Help’s on the Way – GH Spoilers

General Hospital spoilers know Drew and Curtis don’t have much to go on in the way of tracking down Jason. So, they turn to the man with bottomless resources that can find out anything – Sonny. Then, the mobster finds his location and they take off to stop Shiloh and aid Sam McCall. Additionally, more people are affected as the flash drive storyline plays out.

Spoilers say Shiloh Archer won’t get exactly what he is after. But, he is not defeated either. Additionally, other unsuspecting folks in Port Charles may end up suffering because of Shiloh’s scheme. Watch ABC daytime to follow along as Shiloh Archer threatens Sam McCall’s life and puts Jason Morgan in a heartbreaking position on GH.

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