‘General Hospital’ Spoilers – Sam Needs To Get Helena’s Penny And Take a Closer Look!

General Hospital spoilers from soap Twitter, further explored by The Inquisitr, point to Sam Morgan’s [Kelly Monaco] inherited penny as a hint and a half about the doppelgangers’ shared past. Other sites jumped on the penny bandwagon, but failed to catch onto something important about the penny. If you focus only on the GH episode from March 14, 2016, when Helena Cassadine [Cosntance Towers] read her video will, you might think Sam had the answer all along, sitting snug in her change purse. But you need to skip a couple of days later to March 16, 2016, to a conversation between Sam and Jason Morgan [Billy Miller] to discover something crucial about the Cassadine coin.

You might recall that this was when Jason had the cool little apartment where he parked his motorcycle indoors and took Sam to bed frequently. After Sam dropped by to tell Jason about her horrible experience at the Wyndemere will reading. Jason teased her asking “how did you divvy it up?” Sam told him “I left it there” meaning at Wyndemere and said she didn’t want anything from evil Helena. That means the penny might be at the Cassadine castle, in Valentin Cassadine’s [James Patrick Stuart] piggy bank or even in the law office of Scott Baldwin [Kin Shriner] since he was Helena’s lawyer that managed her will and distributed the insulting bequeathments.

Where is the coin and why does it matter?

The coin is MIA by now but the Inquisitr’s GH spoiler said it contains clues about the Tale of the two Jasons, otherwise known as Drew Quartermaine and Jason Morgan. Rumor has it the coin has two faces rather than a face and a back. That would imply that Drew and Jason are two sides of the same coin thanks to Helena. The gossip also says the coin will be dated 1974, the date of birth of the twins. Initially, they were born in the 80s but when Burton came on board, the SORAS forced a dial back to the mid-70s. There is also supposed to be a “W” as the mint mark on the coin which is for the US Mint at West Point, New York, the state where the twins were born.

GH will reading - Jason not there

That’s a lot of information on one little coin. Some fans on social media have argued that this is overblown and inserting meaning where there was none. These General Hospital fans say that the coin was meant only as an insult to show how little Sam and her sisters are worse as children of Alexis Davis [Nancy Lee Grahn]. That was certainly what Helena said in her video will. But Sam didn’t examine the coin and left it behind, as she told Jason, so really, the writers can do what they want. And we know the writers always do what they want. They already added dialog to say that Jason was at the will reading when he damned well was not (see the above pic for those in attendance). So they could make that penny into anything they want.

There is more to come from the twin tale and Helena is part of the mystery and also her hypnotic and sick sidekick Faison [Anders Hove]. Who knows what we’ll learn before all is said and done. It would certainly be worth a penny to learn the thoughts of cruel Helena Cassadine! More General Hospital spoilers coming soon!

Francine Chalmers

Primarily a reality TV junkie, I’ve glommed onto daytime drama over the past five years and am now thoroughly addicted. My favorite is General Hospital but Days of Our Lives is picking up speed fast. CBS soaps are great to watch and I enjoy writing about all these for Soap Dirt.

3 thoughts on “‘General Hospital’ Spoilers – Sam Needs To Get Helena’s Penny And Take a Closer Look!

  • December 20, 2017 at 11:01 pm

    This is getting out of hand. Sam should really stop with the cold heartedness towards. Think back Sam, why did you marry Drew (Jason)? Thinking he was real Jason right? How can she not have any emotions? These writers are trying to make Jason and Sam find their way back to each other, but dragging this on too long. If Sam doesn’t speak up and be tell Drew her heart and soul belongs to Jason I will no longer choose to be a GH fan. After 35 years it’s wrong. These two need to continue where they left off in 2012 and Drew needs to be deprogrammed and find a woman who isn’t already taken. Keep this up many viewers will stop watching and without us you writers have nothing. The viewers are who allows you to keep your jobs

    • May 31, 2018 at 3:16 am

      Who cares who Sam finally chooses! Let her get her life straightened out, then she can either choose on of those 2 or someone else!

  • December 20, 2017 at 11:16 pm

    You writers really need to have Sam look at herself and remember why she really married Drew (Jason). We know she is emotionally and mentally afraid to admit Jason is alive because she is afraid of losing him again. It’s time to step up and tell Drew the love she had and still has for Jason will never be destroyed. He needs to be deprogrammed and move on to deal with his past and make a future with another woman not Sam. Now it’s time for Jason to reunite with Sam and Danny and have the family life they always wanted. The viewers are going along with storyline but dragging it out impresses nobody. Without us fans there won’t jobs for you. People get sick of nonsense . Enough is enough get jason and Sam together. Thirty five years of watching GH don’t disappoint me now. I can find many other things to watch.


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