‘General Hospital’ Spoilers – Jason Returns to Port Charles on Death Anniversary – October 19

General Hospital spoilers tease that it will be two weeks before we see Steve Burton’s chiseled face in Port Charles. According to insights from The Inquisitr, who broke the news today, Patient 6 will land in PC on Thursday, October 19, two weeks from today. Why so long? Well, he is on a slow boat from Russia, so cut the former Stone Cold a break. As Ava Jerome [Maura West] pointed out, he’s got no cash or passport and we all know when you cross the border in Russky-land, they always demand “papers, please…” Imagine a Soviet accent and you get the gist of it.

So while Burton is chugging across the Atlantic, chilling among the cargo crates, things are brewing in his hometown as his replacement Jake Doe, aka Jason the second, aka Drew Q, is making plans to settle into a new life with Sam Morgan [Kelly Monaco] and the kids. Sam is blissfully unaware that her other husband is steaming towards a date with destiny and it crashes into Pier 52 on October 19, 2017. If that date tickles your soap-loving brain, there’s a good reason for it. Oct 19th is when Stone Cold bit the bullet back in 2012 thank to Duke, uh rather Faison in Duke cosplay…

General Hospital spoilers predict October 19 arrival

Burton finagled his way onto a Russian freighter and was attacked in the cargo hold but it seems he’ll make pals with his attacker and will continue floating along on his 14-day journey to New York. The voyage need not be so long but the powers that be need OG (Original Gangster) Jason back in town in time to celebrate his five-year death-iversary. The writers have taken a brutal (and well-deserved) beating from fans for not respecting GH history. This seems to be a Hail Mary at showing irritated viewers that they’ve taken the time to browse the General Hospital wiki page and are doing their diligence.

General Hospital Steve Burton, Billy Miller

Meanwhile back in Port Charles, GH spoilers have Ava and Dr. Grorgeous Griffin [Matt Cohen] figuring out how Patient 6 knows mob boss Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard]. Griffin’s super-sexy when he’s trying to figure things out. But given that he can’t even figure out he needs to throw his collar out the window and take Ava to bed, it doesn’t seem likely he’ll solve the mystery of the masked man. Nonetheless, Patient Jason is on his way back, ETA two weeks from today. Watch out Port Charles – there’s a doppelganger headed your way! Burton’s a decade older than his “twin” but what the heck, it’s a soap opera, right?

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