‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Arrested In Shiloh Set Up – Sam Sticks to Plan?

General Hospital spoilers question how far Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) will go to expose Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin). The PCPD arrests Jason the week of March 25 but the real question is whether Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) stands by Jason. Or will she stick to their plan, hang him out to dry, and watch the cops haul him off on the ABC soap?

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Morgan vs Shiloh Archer

GH spoilers promise a showdown between Stone Cold and the cult leader and it all goes down at Kelly’s. No, it’s not a brawl over a BLT, but things get ugly. Jason Morgan and baby mama Sam McCall continue their faux break-up so she can worm her way closer to Shiloh Archer, but the Dawn of Day leader is no dummy.

While Shiloh’s big-picture agenda remains hidden, Sam McCall seems key to his plan. He wants her close, but knows her tie to Jason Morgan is problematic. After he spotted them kissing at General Hospital, Sam played it off by slapping her ex-husband’s face. But Shiloh might not buy the act and puts them to the test.

So, week after next, GH spoilers say he sets up a public scenario to try and flush out JaSam’s intentions in case they’re playing him. On March 25, Sam rushes to Kelly’s and it’s because she gets word that Jason Morgan and Shiloh are facing each other down. This scene will not be pretty and is a game changer.

GH Spoilers: Shiloh Calls Sam McCall’s Bluff

As usual on General Hospital, Sam thinks she’s got the con woman skills to trick who she wants. But she’s pretty much a housewife now and has been off the grift for years. So, maybe she’s lost her edge. Because Shiloh Archer seems to know he’s been gamed. Just in case, he decides to call her bluff.

When Shiloh runs into Jason Morgan at Kelly’s, the two men are poised for a showdown. Sam gets word and comes running. But with Sam there, Jason may see an opportunity to sell Shiloh on them being split once and for all. In fact, it may be Jason orchestrating the scenario and manipulating the DoD leader on GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Upcoming – Jason Arrested for Assault?

Later this month, Jason faces off with Shiloh. If he gets violent with the guy, Sam McCall would stand by her man if they were a couple, right? So if it comes down to the PCPD arresting him on Sam’s witness statement, that could prove to Shiloh once and for all that she and Jason are done on GH.

So, whether Shiloh starts the altercation or Jason does – clearly it’s a test of loyalties on General Hospital. And, Jason Morgan is no stranger to arrest. The local cops probably have an entire file cabinet in the records room with his name on it. So what’s one more arrest if it gets Sam closer to Shiloh so they can save her sister?

GH Spoilers: Sam Proves Herself – Jason Behind Bars

Jason Morgan commits to helping Sam McCall rescue Kristina Corinthos (Lexi Ainsworth) from Dawn of Day. Even if he’s got to endure yet another arrest, he’ll do it. Plus, you can bet Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) will have him out in a flash. So, it’s a small sacrifice to make to entrap Shiloh Archer, say General Hospital spoilers.

Keep watching everything build as more comes out about Shiloh’s past and some other local residents. Plus, Sam and Stone Cold double down to convince him they are split. This arrest could be the tipping point to convince Shiloh Archer that she and Jason Morgan are over and done. Watch GH on ABC to see this go down.

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