‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kristina Angry at Sam – Dawn of Day Chat Goes Bad

General Hospital spoilers promise Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) soon confesses to Kristina Corinthos (Lexi Ainsworth) what she’s discovered about Dawn of Day. In doing so, Sam also shares a recent interaction with Daisy (Kelsey Wang), which she found odd. While Sam wants to protect Kristina, it looks like her little sister will stick more with DoDay than ever before.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sam McCall Warns Kristina Corinthos

According to recent GH spoilers, Sam gets together with Kristina to discuss Dawn of Day. Obviously, she is worried about Krissy’s interactions with the group, as she feels something is off with them. After all, Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) has way too many connections with others in Port Charles for her liking.

Plus, General Hospital viewers recently saw that Shiloh is keeping more than a few secrets. However, how dangerous he is remains to be seen. Sam is slowly learning more about the “cult” and its mysterious leader so she can protect her sibling. She doesn’t want Kristina Corinthos suspicious, but does want to warn her. However, Kristina Corinthos might not listen and may fall in deeper with the group.

GH Spoilers: Dawn of Day Member Daisy Makes Sam Curious

General Hospital spoilers also divulge that Sam McCall tells her sister about a conversation she had with groupie Daisy. Evidently, the conversation triggered some warning bells. While Sam tells Kristina, her sis may not want to hear it. She invited her big sis to check out DoD but now may regret it. In fact, the adoration Kristina Corinthos shows Shiloh may even be a bit obsessive.

Kristina is jealous of her sister and Shiloh’s relationship and how close the two seem to be growing. Of course, she has no idea that her sister is tricking Shiloh as part of her plan with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). While Sam hears warning bells when she talks with other Dawn of Day members, it seems like Kristina stays unfazed.

General Hospital: Sam McCall Tries to Sway Shiloh

Sam McCall was working to get Shiloh Archer to open up. She convinced him that she needs some guidance. For the most part, this plan of hers was working – then Jason followed her and Shiloh and fell blind and unconscious down the stairs. Next, the cult leader spots her kissing Jason so she must talk herself out of this situation on General Hospital

A hard slap to Jason’s face may convince Shiloh that Jason was taking advantage. She’s been selling him a story that her ex won’t let her go and she’s not interested. Unfortunately, them sucking face may be the warning flag Shiloh needs to realize she’s playing him. Sam is working hard to make Kristina understand that Dawn of Day may not be as great as she thinks.

Sam McCall thinks her sister is in danger and will do anything she can to save her. Unfortunately, trying to give her a heads up about a sketchy chat with Daisy could push Kristina Corinthos deeper into the cult.

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