‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Unexpectedly Drawn to Shiloh – Cult Leader Gets Too Close?

General Hospital spoilers report Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) is going deep undercover at the DoD cult. Sam is intent on uncovering the real reason Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) is in Port Charles. More importantly, she is determined to expose him for the fraud he is and get Kristina Corinthos (Lexi Ainsworth) out of his clutches. However, Sam McCall may be getting more than she bargained for as she discovers Shiloh is far cleverer than she expected on GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sam McCall Infiltrates DoD

Sam knows the cult leader is hiding something on GH. Once it came out that he’s the son of the man she swindled back in the day, she knew it was no coincidence that he came to Port Charles. Combined with the creepy messages about her former con artist days, Sam is convinced Shiloh Archer is back for some kind of revenge.

Additionally, he is connected to Drew Cain (Billy Miller) and his old life as a Navy SEAL. Shiloh claims he and Drew were best buddies over in Afghanistan. He also says that Drew saved his life from some sort of insurgent attack in the danger zone. However, Shiloh’s connection to Drew seems to go deeper.

General Hospital spoilers suspect Shiloh could have been involved in Drew’s memory loss and brainwash scheme. Clearly, he’s happy to hear Drew doesn’t intend to get his memories back. Also, Shiloh confided in his DoD partner Harmony (Inga Cadranel) that he dodged a potential threat. Certainly, there is something Shiloh Archer doesn’t want Drew to remember. Now, Drew may join Sam in her investigation into Shiloh and DoD.

GH Spoilers: Sam And Jason Sacrifice Their Love

Sam McCall and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) have finally made their way back to each other on General Hospital. But, Sam’s quest to take Shiloh down is standing in the way of their happiness. In order for Sam to completely convince Shiloh she is on board with DoD she must appear vulnerable.

So, she and Jason are pretending to split up. However, they still intend to sneak away whenever they can to be together. But, they’ll need to be careful because if Shiloh finds out it could put them both in danger say GH spoilers. But she may be underestimating Shiloh Archer…

Sam McCall In Over Her Head?

General Hospital spoilers know Sam came into the cult to trick Shiloh, but there’s a chance that she’s falling for his nonsense. He’s so manipulative that he actually may begin to convince her of the power of DoD. This guy is a master at what he does and he is also starting to seem dangerous.

Remember, Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) recently revealed that Shiloh’s father died suspiciously as someone tampered with his brakes. The cult leader claims that losing his inheritance is the best thing that ever happened to him, but that seems fishy.

It’s far more likely that he is still furious about losing his inheritance and wants a way to get it back. GH spoilers hint that Shiloh Archer may have been behind his father’s death to get his hands on his money. And just recently, he literally got his hands on Sam McCall and she seemed entranced for just a moment.

General Hospital: Shiloh Archer Sucks Sam Into Dawn of Day

For now, on GH, Sam McCall seems to be in control and knows what she’s doing. But, there’s a chance Shiloh may actually get in her head. She’s already admitted to Jason that Shiloh is a skilled manipulator. After the first discussion with the cult leader, Sam was noticeably shaken.

Then, at the Valentine’s Day event at the DoD house, she seemed a little shell-shocked after Shiloh did the face touching technique on her. Sam has a troubled past and lots of issues she may still need to deal with. He is an expert at manipulating people with troubled backgrounds, and so she fits the bill.

It is a possible she could be influenced by Shiloh Archer and not even realize it until it’s too late. It would certainly be an interesting twist if he brainwashed Sam into becoming a real member of the cult on General Hospital. Imagine Jason’s reaction if he loses his honey to shady Shiloh.

Cult Leader Sticking Around On GH?

Also, General Hospital chatter from behind the scenes says Frank Valentini loves the chemistry between the Shiloh character and the other actors. Therefore, they may extend his run on the show. That would certainly make it possible for Sam McCall to have a deeper involvement with him. There’s plenty of room for more twists and turns so fans can expect some shockers.

There’s no telling what’s next for Sam McCall on GH as she gets deeper into the Dawn of Day cult. Watch weekdays to see how Shiloh Archer affects Sam’s life and her relationship with Jason Morgan.

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