‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Cult Leader Shiloh Kidnapped Drew – Set Up Memory Wipe?

General Hospital spoilers hint Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) could be involved with Drew Cain‘s (Billy Miller) kidnapping and memory loss. Shiloh is the last person confirmed to have seen Drew as a Navy SEAL before he was kidnapped, wiped, and brainwashed. Here’s a look at the strange coincidences surrounding Drew Cain and Shiloh Archer that might go deeper than anyone suspects.

General Hospital Spoilers: Shiloh Archer’s Mysterious Arrival

On GH, Shiloh Archer’s arrival in Port Charles seems suspicious. Several factors suggest he’s in PC for a specific reason, though he says it’s fate. When the man known as Hank first saw Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), he seemed to be testing his memory. He wouldn’t know about Drew’s new face, so he needed to find out more.

Certainly, we know there must be more to the story beyond his history with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). When Shiloh ran into Jason, he went on about it being horrible that Drew can’t remember his past. It was like he was checking to make sure Drew Cain was still a blank slate. It could be because Shiloh was part of what happened to him.

GH Spoilers: Shiloh’s Military Background

Remember, the men holding Patient 6 in Russia were mercenaries and they followed him to Port Charles. But we didn’t see who was calling the shots. Similarly, Shiloh has a paramilitary (i.e. gun for hire) background. He could have been the boss or part of the quasi-military group that grabbed Drew and held Jason for Faison.

General Hospital spoilers have shown Shiloh Archer claims to know Drew Cain from his paramilitary work as an independent contractor in Afghanistan. What are the odds that he knew him way over there and now again in Port Charles? In fact, he might have been in Afghanistan to kidnap Drew. The story about Drew saving his life might be bogus.

His near-death story may be a fib to influence people like Sam and Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt), for instance. Telling Oscar that his dad is responsible for saving his life makes Shiloh seem more trustworthy. The one person that might know Shiloh as the kidnapper is Peter August (Wes Ramsey). But they’ve had no scenes together on General Hospital.

GH Spoilers: Mind Control Ties DoD Cult to Patient 6?

Drew Cain and Jason Morgan’s memory mapping procedure is all about mind control on General Hospital. A scheme set up by Cesar Faison (Anders Hove). But as Jason’s mind can’t be controlled due to cerebral damage, they turned to his previously unknown twin, Navy SEAL Drew. But that’s not the only mind control game in town.

The Dawn of Day cult is also very mind controlling. Shiloh Archer manipulates his followers to do what he wants. The book and those sessions at the house are all very cult-like. Kristina Corinthos (Lexi Ainsworth), the MetroCourt bartender, and others, repeat key phrases like a mantra they memorized. Sure sounds like mind control.

Shiloh’s Targets Connected On General Hospital

GH spoilers show that everyone on Shiloh Archer’s radar is connected. Sam is tied to both Jason Morgan and Drew Cain. Kristina is tied to Sam. Oscar is connected to Drew. Shiloh is encouraging them all to give DoD a chance. It seems he’s pulling close and trying to influence everyone tied to Drew and Jason.

Plus, we know the Patient 6 program is active. Peter used that info to get free of WSB custody. Thankfully, Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) is on the case. If anyone can unravel these tangled threads and see the pattern on General Hospital, it’s the Jackal. For now, the cult leader’s agenda remains a mystery.

But, all signs point to Shiloh as possibly tied to Drew Cain’s kidnapping and mind wipe. GH spoilers for next week show the cult leader once again probing Drew about his memories. There are too many connections for it to be a coincidence. Watch ABC weekdays to see how the story of Shiloh Archer unfolds and ties back to Drew Cain.

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