‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Drew Gets Cryptic Message – Shiloh Mystery Deepens

General Hospital spoilers show Drew Cain (Billy Miller) gets a secret message, kicking off a new mystery. But does this intrigue tie to shady Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin)? As Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) finally got some good news about his tumor, Drew now has time to look into Shiloh more. But this new message could lead to danger.

General Hospital Spoilers: A Cryptic Message for Drew Cain

Now that Drew has a bit more time on his hands, he told Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) that he would look into Shiloh more. Sam and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) are trying to try to find out why Shiloh Archer is really in town. After all, he has too many ties to people in Port Charles for it to be a coincidence.

As both Sam and Drew Cain have ties to the man’s past, the two could team up. According to recent General Hospital spoilers, Drew ends up getting a secret message. This could either be something helpful or threatening and maybe even downright dangerous.

While the communication could relate to any aspect of Drew’s life, it could also somehow connect to Shiloh. After all, Shiloh and Drew Cain did know each other back in the day. However, Drew can’t remember anything about the cult leader, as his memories are gone. Perhaps this message helps him discover the real reason Shiloh Archer is in town.

GH Spoilers: Finally Good News For Oscar Nero

Of course, the only reason Drew Cain can spend time looking into Shiloh is because Oscar, and Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) finally got good news about Oscar’s health on General Hospital. For the past few weeks and months, it’s been nothing but turmoil. All they wanted was Oscar’s drug trial to help him get better.

Sadly, this didn’t work. In fact, for a bit there, everyone thought that he was going to die soon. However, recently they learned his tumor hasn’t spread, which is great news. This means that he has a but more time to live, rather than the few months(or weeks) everyone was thinking.

However, one thing that may come back to haunt Drew Cain is Oscar’s admiration for Shiloh Archer. Oscar thinks that guy is amazing, much like Kristina Corinthos (Lexi Ainsworth) does. If Shiloh have plans to cause trouble for Drew, he could use the sick teen to get to him.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Works Shiloh

Luckily, Sam is taking this latest mission of hers seriously. She’s terrified that Shiloh Archer will use her younger sister Kristina as a way to get to her. As Kristina’s mind has become pretty warped lately, the fear might be spot on.

Sam lies and says that she has broken up with Jason, as she tries to get in good with Shiloh and his cult-like group Dawn of Day on General Hospital.

Sam desperately wants to discover just who Shiloh is and what he wants, sooner rather than later. Drew’s message might be something completely separate from his past with Shiloh Archer?

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