‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Unmasks Jason – Steve Burton Reveal on Tuesday, September 19

New General Hospital spoilers tell us it will be Ava Jerome [Maura West] that unmasks the man known only as patient 6 when curiosity gets the better of her. This is from the latest GH spoilers, and although fans have been fighting it out on Facebook and Twitter about who’s behind the black mask, it’s none other than Jason [Steve Burton], but Ava won’t know that when she sees his face.

Ava Jerome doesn’t know Steve Burton’s face

It’s important to note, from GH history, that Ava does NOT know Steve Burton’s face. Although she ran down a man with that face years ago on General Hospital. She only caught a glimpse of him before her car plowed into him. From there, Jordan [Vinessa Antoine] took over since she was working undercover for the Jerome cartel. Jordan made the 911 call while Ava got herself out of there and Jordan took the blame.

All Jordan saw – and the EMTs and medical personnel at General Hospital – was a bloody mush face. Only later, when the mystery man had plastic surgery, did we finally see Billy Miller’s face in his GH debut. But this guy under the mask is Jason of old, and it seems the tale of two Jasons kicks off on Tuesday, September 19 when Ava unveils a face she doesn’t know.

General Hospital Ava and Jason

Burton’s character is crazy, doesn’t know who he is

General Hospital Spoilers from the GH writers said Jason’s face would be revealed to people who have no reason to know him. The people at the clinic don’t know who he is and neither will Ava. Griffin [Matt Cohen] may follow Ava to Russia, and he’ll be clueless also. Both Ava and Griffin only know Jason in the Billy Miller face. Ava was told that patient six is a dangerous lunatic, but that might be a lie.

General Hospital Spoilers: Things Still Unknown

GH spoilers wonder who dropped Jason at that clinic, how long he’s been there, and why did he go crazy. Is he the same Jason that was frozen by Helena? Or the Jason that was bought by Helena [Constance Towers] from Faison [Anders Hove]? No one knows yet, and there will be more questions than answers when Steve Burton makes his official debut on Tuesday.

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