‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Laura Keeps Divorce – Kevin in the Doghouse

General Hospital spoilers show Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) remains furious at Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) after she discovers the twisted twin truth. Laura learns Kevin was keeping Ryan Chamberlain stashed in Ferncliff for years.

After Laura Spencer discovers this, she may let their divorce stand considering all the damage this enormous lie triggered. Coming soon on the ABC soap – there’s a price to pay for a fib that big!

General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Spencer Angry At Kevin Collins

According to recent GH spoilers released, Laura Spencer can’t seem to shake her anger. No matter how hard she tries, she will be outraged. Of course, she has every right to be upset at the man she loves. As viewers know, Kevin Collins is responsible for Ryan Chamberlain lurking in secret – alive, well, and a potential homicidal hazard.

Once Laura finds out, she’ll be heartbroken at his dishonesty and how it wrecked her life on General Hosptial. As Ryan almost killed Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan), this revelation can’t be good for their marriage or her reputation as mayor. It could change how she sees him forever. Now that the couple reunites, Laura may take a step back from Kevin when this all comes out.

GH Spoilers: Kevin The Town Pariah?

As previous General Hospital spoilers revealed, Kevin Collins no doubt becomes the town pariah. At first, everyone thought the doctor was one of Ryan’s victims. Instead, Kevin was his enabler — leaving him imprisoned and enraged, ready to lash out when the serial killer had an opportunity to break free.

None of this would have happened if not for Doc. Everyone assumed Ryan was dead and so they felt safe. So, that opened the door for Ryan to escape, masquerade as Kevin, and begin killing again. Once the truth comes out, he may find himself alone, without even his wife for support.

General Hospital: Laura Spencer May Stick With Divorce

GH spoilers divulge that no matter how hard Laura tries, she can’t fight her fury over what her husband did with Ryan. He knowingly put everyone in danger by assuming he could keep his psycho brother under control. That shows ego on Kevin’s part – a lot like his evil twin’s hubris.

Her frustration grows on General Hospital. Kevin has a long road ahead of him to sway people in Port Charles to forgive him. Apparently, his wife is one of those people. As Laura Spencer is so upset, she could let their divorce stand.

Although the legalities of their split are murky since Ryan signed the papers, as of now, they’d have to undo the divorce. She might not take that step. She was happy to have Kevin Collins back when she first found him at Ferncliff. But once he explains what he did, everything will change for Laura Spencer on ABC’s GH.

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