‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kim Nero Stays In Town For Franco-Drew?

General Hospital spoilers hint Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) may put her plans to move on hold now that Drew Cain‘s (Billy Miller) memories of her are in Franco Baldwin‘s (Roger Howarth) head. “Dranco” certainly, thinks he’s Andrew Cain and he’s not letting anyone tell him otherwise. Then, he ran into Kim, who is the love of his life, and he is thrilled to see her. Surely, he stuns her by reciting moments of their past before planting a passionate kiss on her. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Drew Cain look on in disbelief on ABC’s GH. But he ran off hurt after she pushed him away. So, what’s next and will this change Kim Nero’s plans?

General Hospital Spoilers: Franco Baldwin Plants A Kiss On Kim Nero

GH spoilers report Franco Baldwin is certain he is Chief Petty Officer Andrew Cain and the year is 2012. No doubt, he thinks Elizabeth and Drew are crazy even though Liz gave him plenty of proof including showing him a different face. Of course, it’s confusing and upsetting so he tries to get away and think. Then, he spots Kim Nero. Certainly, he is happy to see someone he knows.

Especially, the love of his life he never thought he’d see again. No doubt, she thought “Franco” was off his rocker by the way he was acting. Obviously, when he started talking about their special memories Kim was floored. Then, he swept her up in a kiss that stopped Drew and Elizabeth dead in their tracks, confirm General Hospital spoilers. Then everything turned bad for the guy and he exited angry.

GH Spoilers: Kim Nero Finds Comfort In Her Past – Trouble Ahead For Killian?

General Hospital spoilers predict Kim Nero will give in to her feelings for Drew – even though they’re coming from Franco. Remember, Kim is desperate to hold on to Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) any way she can. Certainly, Franco is not Drew. But in his mind, he is. And he has all the memories of their time together to back it up. Surely, he remembers loving her when the real Drew can’t. And certainly, Kim is less than rational these days. So, Franco is now the closest thing to the Drew she remembers.

So, it might be hard for her to turn away from Dranco when he is looking at her through Drew’s loving eyes. Next, she may find herself drawn to him which will be a big problem for her and Julian Jerome (William deVry). Because, they are about to embark on a new life together. But, Drew’s memories being back, even if they’re not through him, is reason enough for her to stay, tease GH spoilers.

Dranco Pushes Elizabeth Away – General Hospital Spoilers

GH spoilers confirm Franco Baldwin is so convinced he’s Drew that he doesn’t believe a word Elizabeth and Drew say. Surely, even the photos, drivers license and his own face showing he’s not Andrew Cain won’t make him budge. Of course, his military background is causing him to be respectful. However, he is adamant about who he is and is losing patience.

Of course, poor Elizabeth is beside herself that her husband has no idea who she is. So, she’s frantically trying to find a way to reach the little bit of Franco she believes is in there somewhere. Certainly, Drew is her rock and they make plans to figure out how to make sure Dranco doesn’t leave Port Charles. Although, now that he knows Kim Nero’s in Port Charles, he may change his mind. In fact, this weird twist for Franco may have Kim Nero unpacking her bags, say General Hospital spoilers.

Elizabeth And Kim’s Friendship On The Rocks? GH Spoilers

General Hospital spoilers suggest Franco Baldwin’s fake memories of Kim and the feelings that go with them put Kim and Elizabeth’s friendship to the test. Certainly, Elizabeth knows this is not her actual husband kissing her good friend. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t rip her heart out to see them together. No doubt, Kim is already shaken by hearing the Drew she loves coming out of Franco’s mouth.

Also, it took her a moment to pull away when he kissed her. So, that Drew charisma is certainly coming across in Franco Baldwin just fine. Certainly, if Kim can’t resist and winds up with Franco, it is sure to turn Port Charles upside down. Who knows, Kim might even get the baby she’s been wanting so badly. Already, she sounds like she’s having second thoughts about moving although Julian’s now more insistent they go after hearing the Dranco news.

So, watch ABC daytime to see if Kim Nero will stick around Port Charles to be with Drew-Franco on GH.

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