‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Franco Wind Up With Kim – Elizabeth Out of Luck?

General Hospital spoilers tease Franco Baldwin‘s (Roger Howarth) a changed man soon. This leads him to Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) and a whole bunch of drama follows. Elizabeth Webber‘s (Rebecca Herbst) madly in love with her husband, but he may not be that man for much longer. With key exits coming soon, plots are shifting and there could be major couple shakeups ahead in Port Charles. Check out what’s next and then stay tuned to GH on ABC daytime.

General Hospital Spoilers: Franco Baldwin Wakes as Another Man

GH spoilers tease Franco Baldwin wakes up asking for his superior officer. So, it looks like Drew Cain’s (Billy Miller) memories are latched into his mind. So, it seems the memory transfer is taking effect, consuming Franco and restoring “Drew”. Remember, the memory mapping procedure is meant only for twins. So, the outcome with Franco will be different. He wakes healthy but disoriented and doesn’t recognized Elizabeth – unless he’s playing a cruel joke.

No doubt, it will be worse for Elizabeth Webber to get Franco Baldwin back healthy in body – but not in mind. At least him waking as Drew means the band-aid’s ripped off. As it stands, Elizabeth was hopeful the transfer failed and she’d get her hubby back. But then, Drew’s memories invade his mind, hint General Hospital spoilers. So, that means Elizabeth Webber must watch her husband not know who she is. It was helped along by Drew leaving a medal at his bedside.

GH Spoilers: Kim Nero Gets a Visit From Franco Baldwin

General Hospital spoilers promise Franco Baldwin pays a visit to Kim Nero soon. No doubt, he feels drawn to her because Drew’s memories include a strong connection to his baby mama. So, now that Franco’s mind is Drew’s, the memories are from back in the time where he and Kim were in love. Certainly, “Dranco” (Drew in Franco’s body) thinks they are still in an intense relationship. Surely, it shocks Kim Nero to see those sentiments trapped in another man.

Drew’s thoughts and words leaking out of Franco’s face is freaky for Kim. Remember, the doc still loves Drew deeply. And losing Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) reminded her of their passionate past. So, while it will be strange to get him back via Franco, Kim Nero is so desperate to feel close to Oscar she may take what she can get. However, this is sure to put a strain on her friendship with Elizabeth Webber, say General Hospital spoilers.

General Hospital: Elizabeth Webber and Drew Cain Stunned

GH spoilers promise Drew Cain and Elizabeth Webber are in for a major shock. So, if Franco Baldwin genuinely thinks he’s Drew and has strong feelings for Kim, he may act as if they’re still together. Of course, this will be weird for Kim Nero. Remember, Drew used to have the same face as Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). So that’s the face she loved. But, she eventually got used to Drew’s new face. So, what’s one more change of face?

That means there’s a good chance she can still see Drew underneath. Obviously, this will be horrifying for Elizabeth Webber. Of course, she is madly in love with Franco. And she and Kim are close friends now. If this happens, it’ll tear Liz apart. Additionally, Drew may flip because Franco is like a brother to him and Kim is the mother of his son. No doubt, it will be crazy for him to watch Franco interact with Kim Nero as his former self, tease General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Kim Nero And Dranco Pick Up Where They Left Off – Elizabeth Webber Crushed?

General Hospital spoilers wonder how far the writers will take this twist. Could Franco Baldwin and Kim Nero end up together? Certainly, if Franco loses all of himself and becomes Drew, it seems likely. The more Drew’s thoughts overtake his mind, the less love for Elizabeth Webber he’ll have left. She’s a stranger to Drew from the past. If “Dranco” pursues Kim, he’s just following his heart. And, Kim’s so crazy and desperate these days, she might not be able to help herself.

Also, with Billy Miller leaving the show soon, this strange twist may set up his exit story. It could be that Drew Cain leaves town because this is too painful to watch. Or maybe he goes off chasing a cure to restore Franco Baldwin’s mind since he sees the guy as a brother. That sets the stage for a recast at some point down the road. Friz fans hates this because they were so close to their happily ever after. So, of course, the GH writers wreck things. That’s what soaps do…

Watch ABC daytime to see if Franco Baldwin ends up with Kim Nero leaving Elizabeth Webber heartbroken.

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