Did Kim Nero Sexually Assault Franco Baldwin On General Hospital? [POLL]

General Hospital spoilers wonder if Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) sleeping with Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) can be considered sexual assault. Seeing as he isn’t in his right state of mind, it’s sketchy to some extent. On one hand, ‘Dranco’ certainly did want her. But, on the other hand, that’s not his body he used to bed her.

Remember, Kim tried to molest Drew Cain (Billy Miller) into knocking her up after she drugged him. But her hooking up with Franco Baldwin’s more of a gray area since he was a very willing participate. Certainly, the owner of that body did not consent to sex with Kim Nero on ABC’s GH. And never would have if he was in his right mind. So, was it rape?

General Hospital Spoilers: Kim Nero & Franco Baldwin Do The Deed

GH spoilers confirm Kim Nero crossed over into crazy land by bedding Franco Baldwin. Then, told Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) she is the one who’s lost touch with reality. No doubt, taking a roll in the hay with Dranco reinforced to Kim that he is Drew and he’s in love with her. Now, she is adamant that he is hers because he chose her over Elizabeth. Even the face slap from his wife didn’t slow her down.

Certainly, she went from timid and compassionate with Liz to “back off, he’s mine”. Remember, she flat-out told Liz that Franco is gone and she’s not getting him back. Drew is here now and he wants to be with her. However, Liz says Kim Nero’s delusional and taking advantage of a man who is not in his right mind. And, she may be right, hint General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Did Kim Assault Franco?

Many General Hospital fans think Kim Nero is guilty of sexually assaulting Franco Baldwin. Certainly, they have a point because the real Franco Baldwin is not aware any of this is going on. So, it’s almost like a person being unconscious and someone taking advantage. They’re not resisting because they don’t know what’s happening. Right now, Franco’s body is only a host to another man. Certainly the real Franco wound never sleep with Kim or anyone else who isn’t his wife. Additionally, she knows this.

Of course, she’s just so desperate for Drew that she’s rationalizing. No doubt, this is not Kim’s first go-round when it comes to rape. Remember, she tried to legitimately rape the real Drew Cain by shooting him up with drugs and slipping into bed with him. Surely, she was going to force herself onto him and hijack his sperm to make a new child with him. So, going after Franco Baldwin while he is clueless to what is going on is no surprise, say GH spoilers. Did Kim Nero cross a line? If so, could Elizabeth press charges?

Dranco Wanted Kim Nero – General Hospital Spoilers – Franco Baldwin Didn’t

GH spoilers know some could certainly argue that Dranco is in control now and he knew exactly what he was doing when he slept with Kim. Clearly, almost since the moment Franco Baldwin woke as Drew all he could think about was Kim. Of course, she is the only familiar face in a town full of strangers telling him he’s someone else. So, after clearing the air about the past and professing his love to Kim Nero, they got closer. At first, she tried to resist but eventually, she gave in to her feelings.

But, was it the right thing to do on Kim’s part? Certainly, she knows that Franco can’t speak for himself and if he comes back he’s going to be mortified that he slept with Kim. What do you think? And if it’s technically sexual assault does she get a pass because she’s obviously gone nuts and isn’t playing with a full deck? Continue watching GH on ABC daytime to see what comes next for Kim Nero and Franco Baldwin and vote in our Soap Dirt poll below:

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Did Kim Nero cross the line into assault?