General Hospital Spoilers: Kim Ends Up In Loony Bin After ‘Dranco’ Pumps The Brakes?

General Hospital spoilers promise Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) is now free to make his own choices and he may choose to walk away from Kim Nero (Tamara Braun). No doubt, Dranco’s trial shed some light on Kim and her state of mind. Now, the way he looks her has clearly changed.

Surely, he was shocked to hear the lengths she went to after losing her son on General Hospital. Additionally, GH spoilers report there is a shift in his demeanor towards her. Plus, he is no longer sure he wants to leave Port Charles. So, even he is beginning to see that Kim is not mentally sound and needs professional help on ABC’s GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Franco Baldwin’s Trial Traumatizes Everyone

General Hospital spoilers recall how difficult it was for everyone involved in Franco Baldwin’s court trial. Of course, it was hard for Dranco to hear people claim he isn’t in the right mental state to make his own medical decisions. Because, he deeply believes he is Drew Cain (Billy Miller). Also, it was a very emotional ordeal for Cameron Webber (William Lipton). Remember, Martin Gray (Michael E Knight) accused the young man of lying about Franco’s last words, confirm GH spoilers.

Of course, Cam did not lie and Franco did, in fact, say he would be back for his family. Additionally, he was distraught by Jason Morgan’s (Steve Burton) testimony. Surely, Stone Cold was just being honest and would never want to hurt Cam or Liz. However, he will never accept Franco and it personally won’t bother him at all if he is gone for good. Then, what Elizabeth did to the real Drew when he went by Jake Doe was thrown in her face, promise General Hospital spoilers. Remember, she knew he was Jason Morgan.

At least, that’s what everyone thought at the time. But, she hid the truth so she could hold on to him. Of course, she is not proud of it but she did it out of love. Additionally, Kim Nero’s secret that she doped up original Drew Cain so she could coax him into sleeping with her came out. Surely, she is remorseful but that is proof that she is not emotionally stable and needs help to work through her grief the right way. Clearly, Dranco is starting to understand that and finally see she might be nuts, say General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Dr. Kim Nero’s Sanity In Question

General Hospital spoilers know Kim Nero’s judgment is questionable these days. Of course, the pain she is in from losing Oscar is unimaginable. However, she needs to seek help to handle it better. Surely, she is in therapy now but the only reason she’s doing it is because of the incident with Drew. Obviously, she needs more serious help because she is still delusional. Certainly, she still wants to cling to any shred of Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) that she can. So, that’s why she allows herself to be swept up in the fantasy that she has her true love back.

Additionally, the real Drew Cain is supposedly dead. So, all the more reason for Kim to cling to Dranco. No doubt, Kim Nero needs full-time treatment she can only get in a mental facility. Additionally, if Dranco does walk away from her she will probably crack and completely break down. Remember, chatter says Tamara Braun (Kim Nero) is out of the sudser so locking her up is a definite possibility. Or, she may just leave town after losing everything, hint General Hospital spoilers.

Tamara Braun Out – Kim Nero Locked Up On General Hospital?

GH spoilers show Tamara Braun is confirmed done on the soap. So, shipping Kim Nero off to Shadybrook would be an ideal choice. Not only does she desperately need help, but it will leave the door open for a possible return to General Hospital down the road. No doubt, Kim has been slipping ever since losing Oscar. But, she needs to deal with it properly and medical professionals are the only ones who can help.

Remember after the trial, when Kim and Franco talked, she got shrill and hysterical. She wants to run out of town and he’s not ready to pack and go. So, a little glimpse of her inner crazy has him pumping the brakes. Maybe, with Kim out of his face, Franco might be able to break through Drew’s memories and get back his own. No doubt, Friz fans are chopping at the bit for Liz to get her husband back.

Also, it will be a refreshing change to get the goofy, lovable Franco back and say goodbye to this version of Drew. Continue to watch General Hospital daily on ABC to see if Kim Nero will lose Dranco and suffer a massive breakdown because of it.

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