‘General Hospital’ Spoilers 8/15/19: Kim’s Got Loving Feeling for Franco – Drew & Liz Explain

General Hospital spoilers for 8/15/19 promise more of Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) smooching stunned Kim Nero (Tamara Braun). His wife and foster brother walk up on them and then things turn sour. That plays out on Thursday plus Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) fills in JaSam on what went down with Franco and what’s at risk. Plus Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) scrambles. Dr O busts her pilfering at Wyndemere. Here’s a look at the action on the next GH episode on ABC daytime.

General Hospital Spoilers 8/15/19: Franco Baldwin Stuns Kim Nero Then Runs Off

Of course, Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) doesn’t like seeing Franco Baldwin shoving his tongue down Kim Nero’s throat. Worse yet, she’s into it. Yet Kim’s confused at the same time. His wife interrupts them. Then, Franco storms out angry. Next, Kim Nero turns to Elizabeth and Drew Cain (Billy Miller) for an explanation of what just happened and why he knows so much about her past.

So, they have to explain the memories. It helps that Kim already knows Drew had a flash drive of his past lurking around. Soon, Kim Nero rethinks her plans to leave Port Charles because “Drew” is back – it’s Dranco – but still better than no Drew at all, right? Elizabeth’s frantic with worry and Franco Baldwin’s boozing at The Rib. He’s angry and throwing a shot glass around. So, Franco Baldwin doesn’t know himself, promise General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers for 8/15/19: Hayden Barnes Caught Red-Handed – Begs for a Deal

On the last General Hospital, spoilers showed Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) catching Hayden snooping in rooms of Wyndemere. Whatever Hayden’s looking for is terribly important but she didn’t find it. To make it worse, she’s busted. So, Hayden’s begging Dr O to not rat her out. In fact, she offers her something of value if Liesl doesn’t blab. So, what will she offer and will it tempt Dr Obrecht?

Also, Valentin Cassadine’s (James Patrick Stuart) unaware Spoon Island’s been invaded because he’s distracted. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) quizzes him on why he’s so interested in Cassandra Pierce (Jessica Tuck). Of course, neither know yet that she’s the one that dosed Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) with that scary mega-flu, according to General Hospital spoilers.

General Hospital 8/15/19: Robert Scorpio Says Franco Could Wind Up a Vegetable

At the Morgan-McCall penthouse, GH spoilers reveal Robert has more to say on the Franco Baldwin drama. Drew’s memories overtook Franco’s brain. He says Franco could live with those memories indefinitely. Or, they could try and extract them and he winds up a vegetable if it fails. Reversing the memory procedure’s never been done before, so it doesn’t seem plausible.

JaSam won’t believe anything positive about Franco, remind General Hospital spoilers. So, they won’t care he sacrificed himself to save Cam. Also, Brad Cooper’s (Parry Shen) upset to hear that Julian Jerome (William deVry) plans to leave town. He tells him he can’t go, stunning Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes). Naturally, Brad wants his co-conspirator to stick around but Kim Nero may shift gears anyway. All this goes down on the next episode of the ABC soap.

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