‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco And Kim Make Love – Liz Catches Them At It

General Hospital spoilers say Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) gets a faceful of shock when she sees her husband Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) in bed with Kim Nero (Tamara Braun). This awkward moment comes as “Dranco” stops by to say goodbye to Dr Kim. She insists she needs to leave town with Julian Jerome (William deVry), but it looks like she packed her bags for nothing. Because there’s no way she’ll leave after what happens next on the ABC sudser.

General Hospital Spoilers: Franco Baldwin & Kim Nero Make Love

NuFranco Baldwin, AKA Dranco, stops by to see Kim Nero, according to GH spoilers. He knows she’s packing her bags to go since Julian’s trying to fast-track their move. Because “Charlie” knows there’s a big threat to them in Port Charles with Franco thinking he’s Drew Cain. But it looks like he moved too slow because the two get intimate and that blows up both Franco’s marriage and Kim’s relationship too.

When Franco comes by Kim Nero’s place, it’s with the best intentions. Franco Baldwin knows that Kim’s reeling from the news that Drew’s plane went down and he’s offering comfort and assurance. But when they reminisce – since Drew’s memories are all in his brain – things get intimate. And now, General Hospital spoilers say one thing leads to another and Franco Baldwin sleeps with Kim.


GH Spoilers: Harrison Chase Opens the Door For Dranco and Kim

General Hospital also say that Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) tracks down Franco Baldwin at her place. He’s there to take off the ankle monitor and that frees up “Dranco” to pursue whatever future he wants. Whether it’s in Port Chuck or out of town. This is all very tempting for both Kim Nero and Franco who’s living Drew’s life where they left off years ago. Plus, in Kim’s packing, there’s a memento of their post.

When Franco Baldwin notices the item and they talk about its significance, something shifts for Kim. Already, the Drew she knew in Port Charles had another face and no memories of their life. This guy in front of her at least has the memories. So, Kim Nero now sees him as the real deal. This cracks open her heart and one thing leads to another – and General Hospital spoilers say nuFranco and Kim make love.

General Hospital: Elizabeth Webber Stunned by “Frew” Hook Up

To Kim and Dranco, this is a big moment and it’s not just sex – it’s them reconnecting in the deep love they felt before, promise GH spoilers. But when Elizabeth Webber shows up, what she sees is her friend cheating with her husband. Liz decided to have Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) experiment with Franco Baldwin’s brain to try and get his memories back. But she knows nuFranco doesn’t want this.

She runs into Chase who tells her that Franco’s at Kim’s place – so that’s where she goes. Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers confirm she finds her friend in bed with her husband Franco. To them, it’s a respark of their former relationship. To Liz, it’s disgusting and she’s hurt and angry. While Kim Nero may feel some shame, Dranco will not. He told Elizabeth to forget about him and he meant it.

This can get twice as complicated if Kim Nero winds up pregnant with Franco Baldwin’s baby – something she clearly wants. Wait to see the explosive fall out on GH on ABC weekdays.

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