‘General Hospital’ Spoilers : Griffin And Kiki Hit The Sheets – Port Charles New Couple ‘Griki’

General Hospital spoilers hint Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) and Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) are the new couple in Port Charles, Griki, Kiki and Griffin have been denying the attraction they feel for each other for months, but no more. They are publicly dating and seeing where this relationship will take them.

Kiki and Griffin were both racked with guilt for betraying Ava Jerome (Maura West) and convinced themselves that their drunken night together was a mistake. Since then, everything changed. Because of Ava’s vengeful actions, Kiki Jerome and Griffin Munro are pursuing happiness. They go on their first “real” date to the film festival but ditch the classic movie and head home to get steamy!

General Hospital Spoilers: The Limited Love Life of Griffin Munro On GH

Having been a priest for most of his adult life, Griffin Munro’s list of ladies on General Hospital is short, and also sordid. His first romantic encounter on GH was with the scheming Claudette Beaulieu (Bree Williamson). Claudette was married to Nathan West (Ryan Pavey) when Griffin Munro broke his sacred vows as a priest and lost his V card to her.

Griffin was fooled by scheming Claudette then Nathan shot him in a drunken rage. That’s not a great first relationship. His second disastrous relationship was with Ava Jerome. She was madly in love with him but her true colors came back and she dismantled his life by killing his career and even taking away his right to practice his own religion.

General Hospital Spoilers – Griffin Munro’s First Pure Love

Kiki Jerome is only the third woman in Griffin Munro’s life and the first decent one. The first two were devious and awful. Kiki and Griffin’s love is a sweet one, something good and pure, not dark and twisted. They have a real chance at a healthy and lasting relationship. This is something he and Ava Jerome will never have and it is sure to drive Ava crazy but Griffin and Kiki have moved past her.

This week, we’ll see Griffin and Kiki get much, much closer. Meanwhile, Ava’s rage and hatred push her towards Ryan Chamberlain (Kevin Collins). All these people become tangled soon as this storyline goes from romantic to terrifying, according to General Hospital spoilers and rumors.

GH Spoilers – Griffin and Kiki Jerome Hit The Sheets

Kiki Jerome planned to school Griffin Munro on classic films on their date, but it goes far beyond that. They leave the film festival to go get hot and heavy. This is the couple’s second time together but represents a fresh start. Since the first time was a drunken hook-up, this one means so much more to both of them.

This time they’re sober and going into it with eyes wide open, it is intentional and loving. They know that this is the start of something new. Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers tease that Kiki Jerome could be one of Ryan Chamberlain’s victims in his upcoming killing spree. This info came from a set source and aligns with rumors of Hayley Erin leaving to focus on her CW primetime show.

So even though Kiki Jerome is a good girl, Griffin Munro may wind up devastated yet again. Stay tuned to General Hospital on ABC to see what is next for Kiki and Griffin Munro.

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