‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava’s Plan Backfires as Griffin and Kiki Get Closer – Karma Bites Ava

General Hospital spoilers reveal Ava Jerome (Maura West) vowed to make Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) and Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) pay for playing her for a fool. The mob heiress thought that she could trust her lover and daughter, but she was oh so wrong! Now, GH spoilers allude to Ava’s plot backfiring on her leading to Griffin Monro and Kiki Jerome coupling up.

Ava Jerome and Kiki Jerome’s Sketchy History – General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital spoilers promise that the former priest, Griffin Munro, gave in to his baser passions when he made love to his girlfriend’s daughter, on the night of the Nurses Ball. The pair took the ick factor to the hilt when they jumped into bed after getting drunk. Griffin’s belief that Ava Jerome had dumped him was solidified by her sassy version of “You Don’t Own Me,” which he believed was her swan song to him.

He got thoroughly drunk in a bid to drown all his sorrows and hooked up with an old friend. On the other hand, Ava’s daughter, Kiki Jerome, needed some physical comfort. Griffin Munro was conveniently on hand. However, as Soap Opera Digest pointed out, her credibility as a sexual assault survivor was tainted by jumping in the sack with her mom’s boyfriend. Of course, as Ava Jerome recently mentioned, perhaps Kiki was just getting revenge in lieu of sleeping with Kiki’s boyfriend Morgan (Bryan Craig).

GH Spoilers: Ava Jerome Takes Revenge On Kiki Jerome and Griffin Munro

Ava Jerome already lashed out at both Kiki and Griffin, shows General Hospital spoilers. She impeded her daughter’s sexual harassment claim against Dr. Bensch (James DePaiva) by leaking the information that Kiki had sex with another of her superiors and nearly cost her the lawsuit. Thankfully, Kiki Jerome was awarded $250,000 and won the case, no thanks to her mother.

Ava also let the hospital know that Griffin Munro conducted an unauthorized DNA test on Peter August (Wes Ramsey). The chief of staff promptly suspended him. Currently, Griffin is without a job, without a collar or stethoscope, and drifting along. That’s what happens when you cross Ava Jerome!

Ava Jerome’s Diabolical Plan

GH spoilers saw Kiki Jerome and Griffin Munro commiserate on Ava Jerome plotting against them. His job’s is in jeopardy as he violated hospital protocol, and he is waiting for their final decision. While Kiki is furious that not only did her mother risk with her court case, but she is also risking Griffin’s career. However, Kiki will (wisely) point out that it is best to let sleeping dogs lie and try to put the past behind them.

However, Ava is not quite done with the pair. She wants to make them suffer and humiliate them. This time around, General Hospital spoilers hint that Griffin will be her target. She will hope for the best as she sets her plan in motion. She plans to destroy her ex-lover as she has destroyed so many people’s lives in the past. Yet at the back of her mind, Ava also knows that her plan could backfire.

General Hospital – Griffin Munro and Kiki Jerome’s Paths Cross

GH spoilers indicate that Griffin Munro and Kiki Jerome’s paths will cross on Wednesday, September 19. Could Ava’s diabolical plan thrust together with the two people she professed to love so deeply? Griffin might be moving into an apartment down the hall from her unless he finds someplace else to dwell. That proximity could prove a temptation.

There is undeniable chemistry between the doctor and medical student. It would also serve Ava right if the two unite and join forces against her even if it is to overcome whatever obstacle is in their way. Even more interesting is the fact that very soon, she may lose her daughter. The rumor mill is rife with speculation that perhaps Kiki isn’t Ava’s daughter.

Since the barren Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford) has a daughter walking around, wouldn’t it be poetic justice if Nina and Kiki were mother and daughter? Griffin could run the DNA test on the sly – after all he’s had the practice.

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