‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Lashes Out – Awful Alliance For Kiki-Griffin Revenge?

General Hospital spoilers show Ava Jerome (Maura West) won’t let this insult from Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) and Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) stand. Ava Jerome is furious. GH fans know that the former lady mobster can be vicious when she’s crossed, and it’s even worse because she’s angry and hurt. How will she get back at Griffin and Kiki? Her revenge plan might involve icky Dr. Bensch (James DePaiva).

Ava Jerome Feels Like a Fool

The GH spoilers show that Ava is hurt that Griffin slept with her daughter, but she also feels stupid. She noticed the warning signs for months and ignored them. In fact, Kiki and Griffin didn’t cross a line until the night they were both sad and drunk. Then again, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Perhaps both were feeling a tug towards each other, but neither would have acted on it.

Looking back at the Nurse’s Ball, it was Ava’s angry singing performance that led Griffin to think he’d been dumped. From there, it was a short road to a drunken tryst with this girlfriend’s daughter. Someone else is angry about Griffin and Kiki hopping into bed. It’s Bensch. He was hoping to sex Kiki up and suspected Griffin was bedding the young med student. Now he’s certain he was right all along.

Bensch And Ava Want Payback on General Hospital

General Hospital spoilers promise that the verdict in the civil sexual harassment trial doesn’t matter that much. Either way, Bensch is furious that Kiki dragged his name through the mud and that others at GH came out against him. Win or lose, Bensch wants to punish Kiki and Griffin. He’s also likely jealous that Griffin got to roll around in Kiki’s bed instead of him.

Where can Bensch turn for payback? He might not have to look too far. GH fans know that when Ava Jerome is hurt and angry, she always goes for the most destructive option. Conspiring with Bensch is the quickest way to clap back hard at Kiki and Griffin. With Ava and Bensch both looking for revenge on the pair, an alliance seems a natural way to go. Imagine how disturbing that would be!

Don’t forget that Ava makes the worst choices when she’s upset. She slept with Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig). She banged Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) in a crypt and got pregnant. Ava murdered Connie Falconeri (Kelly Sullivan). Ava does terrible things again and again. It would definitely be awful if Ava got close to Dr. Bensch after what he did to Kiki – but she still might do it.

General Hospital Spoilers for Griffin Munro and Ava Jerome

There are no confirmed GH spoilers yet on what Ava will do to hit back at Kiki and Griffin, but there are some for the week of August 20 on Ava’s next steps. This week, on August 15, spoilers from She Knows promise that Griffin is stunned. That could be at the verdict or something Ava says or does. As bad as Claudette Beaulieu might have been, Griffin has no idea how bad it could get with Ava.

Then other confirmed General Hospital spoilers say that Griffin owns up to his mistakes on August 24. It’s easy to believe that he’ll go begging to Ava looking for forgiveness. It’s doubtful she’ll cut him a break. Ava’s not known for being reasonable when she’s hurt. That same day, info from the soap magazines says Ava spends time with Julian Jerome (William deVry) but will Julian encourage caution or revenge?

Ava and Bensch – an Awful Alliance

If General Hospital does pair Ava and Bensch in a revenge plan against Kiki and Griffin, that could be messy fun. Bensch is a real creep and Ava’s bloodthirsty when she’s furious. However, since Ava herself has been a victim of sexual harassment, it would be shady for her to cozy up to Kiki’s tormenter. Still, she might do it. Ava might get involved with him sexually or just for a revenge scheme.

No matter what GH has planned for the explosive aftermath of the Kiki-Griffin cheating reveal, it will be a terrible few weeks. Since Ava’s been forgiven so many times and slept with Morgan behind Kiki’s back, she should forgive her daughter. But Ava has never been known for her reasonable behavior and calm choices. She might just burn down her happy new life in her jealousy and hurt.

What do you think? Would Ava pair up with creepy Dr. Bensch to punish Griffin and Kiki? Check back with Soap Dirt often for the latest General Hospital spoilers and news.