‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Jerome Betrayed By Daughter Kiki – Hypocritical Revenge or Deserved Pay Back?

General Hospital spoilers reveal Ava Jerome (Maura West) is furious at Kiki Jerome‘s (Hayley Erin) betrayal. Kiki’s one night stand with Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) hit Ava like a ton of bricks. But does Ava Jerome have a right to feel betrayed or is this karmic payback for all her sins?

GH Spoilers are saying that Kiki Jerome is on edge next week and it is more than just the trial. Kiki Jerome was seeking justice against serial sexual harasser Dr. Bensch (James DePaiva). Her mother, Ava Jerome, is among the courtroom watchers seeking justice for her daughter.

But Friday’s cliffhanger showed that Ava Jerome was on the verge of trashing Kiki’s case and it was all because of an ill-timed mistakenly sent message. What comes next will be a big blowup, but does Kiki Jerome deserve her mom’s fury?

The Text That Launched Ava Jerome’s Wrath on General Hospital

On Friday, August 10th viewers watched in horror as Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) accidentally sent a text intended for Kiki’s attorney Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn). He told Ava Jerome, via text, “Kiki and Griffin slept together”.

The nightmare for Kiki Jerome and Griffin has begun. GH fans have watched as Ava’s wheels in her diabolical head started turning. General Hospital spoilers for next week show a volatile confrontation and epic fallout from the reveal of this tawdry secret.

Ava Jerome Outraged But Does She Have a Right?

The question is does Ava Jerome really have a right to be standing on some moral high ground? General Hospital fans have watched for years as Ava tangled with Kiki’s boyfriend Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig) again and again even moving him in with her.

Ava has always been relentless and did not care one bit that her daughter would be devastated by her actions. Kiki’s young stud made Ava happy – that’s all that mattered. Kiki Jerome would just have to deal with it. She finally forgave her mother and accepted her flaws and all.

Ava Deceived Daughter Kiki Jerome More Than Once on GH

General Hospital spoilers remind that Ava Jerome deceived her daughter, Kiki, repeatedly. She slithered her way back into Morgan’s bed while masquerading in a black wig as Denise DiMuccio. Ava Jerome tricked everyone, including her daughter, into thinking she was dead. Then she came back as someone else and slept with him again leaving GH fans (and Kiki) outraged.

Ava Jerome stabbed her own flesh and blood in the heart again. She didn’t care how much pain she inflicted on her own daughter. Even after all that, Kiki Jerome again forgave her mother. Morgan and Kiki Jerome got back together but Ava didn’t approve. Then Ava switched Morgan’s meds leading to his presumed death.

Does Kiki Jerome Deserve Ava’s Anger on General Hospital?

General Hospital spoilers show Ava is territorial and selfish when it comes to men. And it doesn’t matter whose man it is. She took great delight in “deflowering” Griffin’s vow of celibacy to the priesthood. (He renewed the vow after his betrayal with Nathan’s then-wife Claudette.)

Ava’s mindset is that she owns the ex-priest. Kiki and Griffin had their one night stand after Ava told Griffin to take a hike. She even sang about it at the Nurses Ball, so technically they were “on a break.”

Kiki was being sexually harassed by the creepy Dr. Bensch and was depressed and vulnerable. Griffin is compassionate and knew she was in a tough spot. As in all soaps, one thing leads to another and bam they end up in bed together vowing never to tell a soul!

The real question is does Ava really have a right to feel appalled by Kiki and Griffin’s one discretion? Or should Ava forgive Kiki since her daughter has forgiven her many, many times before?
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