‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Bensch Exposes Kiki in Court – Pregnancy Reveal Coming?

  General Hospital spoilers and rumors suggest that Kiki Jerome’s (Hayley Erin) steamy one night stand with her mother’s lover, Dr. Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen), may have resulted in an unwanted pregnancy. It couldn’t be worse timing. Kiki is at the start of a sexual harassment suit against Dr. David Bensch (James DePaiva), one of General Hospital’s most esteemed doctors.

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Dr. Bensch has access to test results at GH

Kiki could be feeling ill and decide to get tests done to find out why she is so under the weather. Bensch having access to all kinds of labs at General Hospital could easily check out her health tests.

If  Bensch knows about Kiki’s secret, then he will most likely use it to his advantage to blackmail her into dropping the suit against him. Bensch has been plotting for weeks to turn the tables on Kiki by framing Dr. Munro.

Bensch could humiliate Kiki and Griffin

With this kind of information, Bensch could surely have what he needs to make his case. Bensch could humiliate Kiki and Griffin blowing up both of their relationships with Ava with one word.

Will Kiki give in to Bensch’s threat, or will she be forced to admit her indiscretion on the stand? How will this disclosure affect her case?

It is also no secret that Kiki’s mother, Ava Jerome (Maura West) has major insecurities when it comes to Griffin and Kiki. Ava has lashed out at the pair on multiple occasions in overreactions to hugs and innocent conversation.

If a friendly show of affection is enough to send Ava into a tailspin, it will be a full head-on collision when she learns the truth about their betrayal.

Kiki’s career in Jeopardy?

Kiki has worked hard to change her bad girl image since the untimely death of her boyfriend, Morgan Corinthos, formally played by Bryan Craig. Being faced with the sudden tragedy, Kiki began to rethink the course of her life.

She made a decision to help others that were suffering from mental illness like Morgan. Challenged by the obstacles at General Hospital ranging from the bias against her last name to a cheating boyfriend. Kiki persevered her way through undergrad and has fast-tracked her way to medical school. Now pile on sexual harassment and a pregnancy scandal and it will be very exciting to see what shakes out.

Griffin cares about Kiki

It is clear that Griffin cares a great deal about Kiki. His reaction to the news of her pregnancy will undoubtedly be one of care and understanding. He will be ready to do the right thing and claim his child. But, will Kiki let him? She has a lot to lose in this scenario since the relationship with her mother is already on thin ice.

 Kiki has a lot of decisions to make and it will be interesting to see how this storyline unfolds. Is this huge revelation the end of Kiki’s career and the end of  Griffin & Ava? Tune to ABC as the fireworks begin.

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