‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kiki Killed by Ryan – GH LEAK Says Sad Twisted Turn Ahead

General Hospital spoilers say Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) is on borrowed time. A new leak reveals Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) kills her soon. This is stunning, but now we’ve heard this from two different reliable leakers, so it seems increasingly likely. Plus, with Hayley Erin’s new series picked up by Freeform, Pretty Little Liars – The Perfectionists, the time might be right for her to exit. Here is what the leak says and some other signs that we might lose Kiki Jerome soon.

General Hospital Spoilers – Hayley Erin’s Big Role on PLL: The Perfectionists 

It’s not a big deal when a General Hospital actor auditions for another show. People take on smaller roles here and there that they can work on breaks or when they’re not shooting. So, when Hayley Erin landed a role on a pilot, that wasn’t worrisome. Pilots rarely get picked up anyway. However, the Pretty Little Liars spinoff was embraced by the network and will be a regular Freeform series.

It’s important to note that Hayley Erin doesn’t have just a bit part. Her IMDB page shows that she’s on all 10 episodes of the season, the same as the other named top line stars on the show. Plus, PLL showrunners are keeping her role a secret which means she’ll be a big part of the show. The bottom line is that Hayley Erin, like her good friend Chloe Lanier, could be moving away from soaps for good.

General Hospital – Kiki Jerome is NOT Nina’s Daughter

Another reason we doubted the General Hospital leak about Kiki Jerome’s death when we first heard it was the adopted baby twist. For years, fans suspected that Kiki was not Ava Jerome’s (Maura West) biological daughter. Everyone thought Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford) had a baby while in a coma and Madeline Reeves (Donna Mills) gave it away.

That has been a rumor since Nina first woke up and wanted the kid. Since Kiki is biologically Silas Clay’s (Michael Easton) kid – that’s a proven fact – the only question was who Kiki Jerome’s mom is. It seemed crazy that GH would reveal Kiki Jerome as Nina’s kid, only to kill her. But now that DNA confirmed Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) is the missing baby, so that clears the way.

Ava Threatened Kiki on GH, So Did Bensch

General Hospital spoilers tease that Kiki Jerome is an excellent choice for one of Ryan Chamberlain’s victims because blame for her death could fall at other feet. The day GH fired dirty Dr. Bensch (James DePaiva), he vowed revenge and said it’s not over. If Kiki Jerome winds up dead, he’ll be suspect number one. Then there’s Ava. Last week on the ABC soap, Ava made threats about her daughter.

Ava glared at Kiki dining with Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) then dropped a bomb. She told Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) that she’d have payback and said “whatever happens” that Kiki deserves it. Those are words Franco will recall if his favorite Port Charles Millennial turns up dead. Ava’s got a known homicidal past but so does Franco, and the leaker said he’ll be blamed from Ryan Chamberlain’s kills.

Kiki Jerome to be Ryan Chamberlain’s First Victim?

GH spoilers teased that Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) might be the first corpse of Ryan’s new killing spree. He had a nice choke wire ready for her, but instead, it was Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) at the door. Laura’s return to Port Chuck will make it harder for Ryan Chamberlain to embrace his homicial habits. But he will get there. We’re at the beginning of October so it should be time to get killing soon!

Remember it was this time two years ago that DA Paul Hornsby (Richard Burgi) went to Pentonville for his homicidal actions. And it was Fall 2007 when the text message killer (Diego Alcazar) started strangling people. General Hospital loves murderous mayhem at this time of year, so we can expect it to start soon. With Lucy narrowly avoiding Ryan Chamberlain’s choking plans, maybe Kiki Jerome will be his first.

Ryan Chamberlain Brings Carnage

General Hospital spoilers from our favorite behind the scenes leaker say that Ryan’s targets will include Felicia (of course), Laura, Kim, Maxie, and Lulu. The leaker said that Laura notices something is off about Ryan, but the Nikolas Cassadine recast, to be revealed in October, will distract her. Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) noticed Ryan Chamberlain tapping the message she heard at Ferncliff but she’s got her hands full with Mike.

Of course, GH also changes plots when fans figure things out – as they did with the ridiculous Luke/Fluke/Bill Eckert DID storyline. It sure seemed like the ABC soap would eventually make Kiki and Nina mother and daughter. With Hayley Erin exiting for her new show, and GH bringing in the new actress as Sasha, it seems clear they’re not going there.

What do you think? GH could leave Kiki Jerome’s exit open-ended and ship her off to medical school. But then again, Fall sweeps demands high drama. A serial killing spree isn’t any good without at least one major character dying. It could be Kiki according to this reliable leaker. We’ll see soon! Keep watching GH weekdays on ABC.

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