‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan Paevey Talks Nathan West Return

General Hospital spoilers from star Ryan Paevey recently talked about a Nathan West return, but he doesn’t have plans to resurrect him like they did Jake Webber (Hudson West). The fans have missed seeing Nathan as a father now that his son has been born. In a new interview, Ryan shared how he would return to the show. It could happen, but it would be on his terms. Ryan doesn’t want to be filming a soap like General Hospital every single day anymore.

Ryan Paevey shares his General Hospital hopes

Soap Opera News got the chance to talk to Ryan while he was washing his car. That is a crazy place for an interview, but they got some really great information from him. He made it pretty clear that Nathan West won’t be coming back full-time at least with Ryan Paevey as the actor. Instead, he would like to make a guest appearance on the show.

Nathan shared that if he came back he would want it to be as a ghost version of Nathan. That way he could let Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) “know Nathan still loves her, Nathan will always love her and to see our son.” Ryan also would come back “as homage to the fans and the show that gave me my start. Wherever, I go in this industry…I will forever be grateful to GH.” This show has helped to skyrocket his career.

What is Ryan Paevey up to now?

If you are into sappy Hallmark love stories, then you won’t want to miss what Ryan Paevey has been up to. Since leaving General Hospital, he has done a few movies. Harvest Love, co-starring Jenn Lilley, did great. Ryan thinks there is a chance for a sequel to this one. His movie Marrying Mr. Darcy is getting another movie for sure. It could even turn into more. Ryan also just filmed Hope at Christmas and BFF Bride. 

Another thing that Ryan Paevey is up to is a handcrafted jewelry business. Fortunate Wanderer is something that he has been doing about two years now. You can see a piece of his jewelry above. Ryan is very passionate about this business and shares a lot of it on his Instagram.

Ryan thinks fondly on his time as Nathan West

When Ryan Paevey thinks back as his time as Nathan West on General Hospital, it is in a good way. Ryan actually shared that this was a very important part of his life. Here is part of what Ryan revealed in the interview.

“I will always remember. This is a chapter in Ryan’s life, not just Nathan on GH; this is a chapter in my life. I will tell my kids about this. People don’t understand yes, there are characters out there. Yes, Nathan is a character on TV. But there is a human being portraying him. This will forever be a part of my life.”

So far, there are no GH spoilers of a Nathan West return. Fans are hopeful that they will find the right time to bring him back just like they have so many other actors and actresses over the years. For now, it is just a waiting game to see when it works out.

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